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MspI (HpaII)

DNA restriction enzymes from Takara Bio are unsurpassed in quality and purity. We’ve been producing them for over 30 years and were the first manufacturers to offer commercially available restriction enzymes in Japan. Each lot of every DNA restriction enzyme undergoes stringent quality control tests. Takara Bio DNA restriction enzymes are supplied with optimized buffers that provide maximum activity during restriction enzyme digestion. Visit our Restriction Enzyme Applications pages for information on how to digest DNA, relative activity in each Universal Buffer, star activity, buffers for double digestion, effects of DNA methylation, how to inactivate enzymes, and more.

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DNA Restriction Enzyme: MspI (HapII)

  • Source: E. coli carrying the plasmid encoding the Msp I gene from Moraxella species
  • Concentration: 10 units/µL [High concentration: 50 units/µL]
  • Supplied buffer: T+BSA
  • Reaction temperature: 37°C
  • Substrate for unit definition: lambda DNA
  • Effect of DNA methylation: Enzyme activity is not affected by CG methylase

TaKaRa follows a stringent QC process when manufacturing their restriction enzymes. Each lot of every enzyme undergoes four quality tests including: overdigestion, Genome DNA analysis, Ligation-Recutting and pKF3 Cloning

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
1150A Msp I (Hpa II) 3,000 Units $98.00
1150AH Msp I (Hpa II, Hap II) (High Concentration) 3,000 Units $98.00
1150B Msp I (Hpa II, Hap II) 15,000 Units $395.00
1150BH Msp I (Hpa II, Hap II) (High Concentration) 15,000 Units $395.00


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