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Proteinase K

Proteinase K is a high activity serine protease used in protein digestion. Proteinase K activity is stabilized in the presence of calcium salts and increases with protein denaturants such as SDS or urea. Proteinase K can be used on a wide range of substrates during protein digestion and preferentially degrades ester and peptide bonds next to the C-termini of hydrophobic, sulfuric, or aromatic amino acids.

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  • Non-specific serine protease with high activity


  • DNA, RNA, and phage purification
  • Protein digestion
  • Chromosomal DNA preparation for in situ hybridization, fingerprinting, colony or plaque hybridization, and pulse-field electrophoresis


Tritirachium album


Nuclease activity not detected. 


  • Cat. # 9034: ≥600 mAnson U/mL (1 Anson U is the amount required to liberate 1.0 µmol tyrosine from hemoglobin per minute at 37°C, pH7.5)

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9034 Proteinase K 5 mL $213.00



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