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Binary Vectors for Agrobacterium-mediated Plant Transformation: pRI909 and pRI910

Ri Plasmid pRI909 and pRI910 are binary vectors intended for Agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation and contain a region of T-DNA for Arabidopsis, tomato, tobacco and rice transformation. The origin of the T-DNA is the vir region-lacking Rhizobium (Agrobacterium) rhizogenes Ri plasmid. Ri Plasmid pRI909 and pRI910 are also shuttle vectors and replicate autonomously in E. coli and Rhizobium (Agrobacterium). In E. coli, these vectors are capable of high copy number because they contain the ColE1 replication origin. The ColE1 ori, as well as the mutant-type Ri plasmid replication of origin (Ri-ori), are each stably maintained in Rhizobium (Agrobacterium). These vectors also contain the kanamycin resistance gene NPTIII for selection in E. coli and Rhizobium (Agrobacterium) and a mutant-type kanamycin resistance gene NPTII for selection in plants.

The Ri Plasmid pRI909 and pRI910 vectors are capable of plant transformation in combination with Rhizobium (Agrobacterium) through a binary vector system. Stable plant chromosome target gene integration is possible with the Ri Plasmid pRI909 and pRI910 because their cloning sites are located in close proximity to the T-DNA Right Border(RB) and not the NPT II plant selection marker. As a result, the target gene is not deleted.

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  • Easy and stable plant chromosome target gene integration
  • Improved agrobacterium-mediated plant transformation
  • Versatile: Applicable to various plants such as Arabidopsis, tomato, tobacco, and rice


  • Rhizobium (Agrobacterium)-mediated plant transformation
  • Arabidopsis, tomato, tobacco, rice transformation


  • >70% double-stranded covalently closed circular form I (RFI) DNA. 
  • Cloning sites verified by dideoxy DNA sequencing.
  • Restriction sites verified by restriction enzyme cleavage.




  • Preparation: Column purified
  • Size: 9,168 bp


10 mMTris-HCl (pH 8.0), 1 mM EDTA


1. Nishiguchi, R. et al. (1987) Mol. Gen. Genet. 206:1-8.

2. Ooms, G. et al. (1982) Plasmid 7:15-29.

3. Ohba, T. et al. (1995) The Plant J. 7:157-164.

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