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Fruit-mate for RNA Purification

Plant RNA extraction, which is often difficult using standard RNA extraction kits, can be easily and effectively performed with Takara's Fruit-mate for RNA Purification kit. The Fruit-mate for RNA Purification kit may be used for plant RNA extraction from a wide variety plant samples such as leaf, seed, rhizome, fruit, etc. These samples often contain large amounts of polysaccharides or polyphenols; thus, Fruit-mate for RNA Purification is ideal for polysaccharide/polyphenol removal because it contains a non-ionic polymer that binds polysaccharides and polyphenols. These substances can then be easily removed from the homogenized sample through a simple centrifugation step.



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  • Pre-treatment reagent for total RNA extraction from plants with high polysaccharide or polyphenol content
  • Successful results confirmed with a variety of plant samples including strawberry (fruit), cherry tomato (fruit), banana (fruit), tomato (seed), rice (seed), potato (rhizome), mandarin orange (peel), pine (leaf), aloe (leaf), mango (fruit) and Arabidopsis (seed).


  • Polysaccharide/polyphenol removal from prepared plant RNA


Fruit-mate for RNA purification:100 mL



Room temperature


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