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M13 Primers

Takara's M13 primers are DNA sequencing primers that enable sequencing inserts in M13mp and pUC vectors. M13 (-20) (Universal) Primer M3 (Cat. #3831) (GTAAA ACGAC GGCCA GT) and M13 (-40) Primer M4 (Cat. #3832) (GTTTT CCCAG TCACG AC) are forward DNA sequencing primers while M13 Primer RV (Cat. #3830) (CAGGA AACAG CTATG AC) is a reverse DNA sequencing primer.

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Sequence Information

  • M13 Primer M3: d(GTAAA ACGAC GGCCA GT)
  • M13 Primer M4: d(GTTTT CCCAG TCACG AC)
  • M13 Primer RV: d(CAGGA AACAG CTATG AC)


  • Confirmed by HPLC



Primers are shipped at room temperature. Upon receipt, store primers at –20°C.


  •  Primer activity confirmed by Sanger dideoxy sequencing method


  • Form



    1. Huang Y.-F. et al. (2012) BMC Systems Biology 6(Suppl 2):S10.

    Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
    3831 M13 Primer M3 150 pmol $57.00
    3832A M13 Primer M4 150 pmol $57.00
    3832B M13 Primer M4 3,000 pmol $169.00
    3830A M13 Primer RV 150 pmol $57.00
    3830B M13 Primer RV 3,000 pmol $169.00



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