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Quick and Easy mRNA Purification: Magnosphere UltraPure mRNA Purification Kit

The Magnosphere UltraPure mRNA Purification Kit is designed for mRNA purification from total RNA derived from cultured cells or animal tissues. This mRNA isolation kit includes Magnosphere oligo-dT beads (JSR Life Sciences Corporation) that are capable of isolating intact, high-purity polyA+ RNA with an extremely low rate of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) contamination. The beads have a uniform particle size and super paramagnetism, allowing efficient isolation on a magnetic plate without the need for centrifugation. Compared with conventional magnetic particles, this product has lower nonspecific adsorption of impurities on the particle surface, allowing specific and efficient recovery of polyA+ RNA from even trace amounts of total RNA.

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  • High-quality polyA+ RNA with low rRNA contamination can be recovered with a yield of 0.5% to 2% from 5 to 50 µg of total RNA
  • No phenol or other organic solvents
  • Intact poly(A)+ RNA obtained quickly


  • mRNA isolation and purification from total RNA samples
  • High-throughput polyA+ RNA isolation
  • Preparing polyA+ RNA with low rRNA contamination for downstream applications including high-speed sequencing and cDNA synthesis with random primers


[for 20 reactions]

Magnosphere™ Oligo-dT Beads*400 µl
2X Binding Buffer 7 ml
Wash Buffer24 ml
RNase-free Water1.4 ml

*: Magnosphere™ Oligo-dT Beads are manufactured by JSR Life Sciences Corporation


4°C (Do not freeze Magnosphere Oligo-dT Beads)

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
9186 Magnosphere™ UltraPure mRNA Purification Kit 20 Rxns $423.00


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