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DNA Extraction from FFPE Samples: DEXPAT Reagent

DEXPAT Reagent from Takara Bio is designed for one step DNA extraction from paraffin embedded tissue fixed in 10% formalin. DEXPAT Reagent eliminates the laborious deparaffinization, organic solvent extraction and enzymatic digestion steps required in most standard DNA extraction protocols. Furthermore, DEXPAT Reagent enables preparation of PCR-ready DNA in only 25 minutes versus 2-3 days using conventional DNA extraction methods.

Because DNA extracted from FFPE samples may be slightly degraded during formalin fixation or paraffin embedding, amplification of products greater than 400 bp is not recommended. The quality of the extracted DNA will strongly depend on the condition of the original embedded tissue.

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  • One Step DNA Extraction from Paraffin Embedded Tissue
  • Extraction of DNA from tissue sections following lengthy storage (up to 10 years)
  • Differential DNA extraction from tissue sections or histology slides


DEXPAT Reagent5 x 10 mL


4°C. Shipped at room temperature.


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