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Inducible Systems

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Tetracycline-Inducible Expression-Tet-Off Cell Lines

Tet-Off and Tet-Off Advanced inducible cell lines are host cell lines that greatly simplify the task of setting up tetracycline-inducible gene expression systems which are activated by removing doxycycline (Dox) from the culture medium (1, 2). Our Tet-On Advanced and Tet-On inducible cell lines are also available, which are activated by adding Dox to the culture medium.

These rigorously tested clonal cell lines:

  • Stably express either the second-generation Tet-Off Advanced transactivator protein or the original Tet-Off transactivator protein
  • Allow you to induce high-level expression of your gene-of-interest by removing (Dox) from the culture of transfected cells
  • Can save you up to two months of time in developing a complete Tet-controlled system.

Easily create an inducible system by first placing your gene under control of a tetracycline-responsive promoter (e.g. PTRE3G), transfecting it into one of these G418-resistant cell lines, and selecting for double-stable clones.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631133 CHO AA8 Tet-Off® Cell Line Each $647.00 License Statements
631152 HEK 293 Tet-Off® Advanced Cell Line Each $770.00 License Statements *
631141 HT-1080 Tet-Off® Cell Line Each $647.00  
631156 HeLa Tet-Off® Advanced Cell Line Each $770.00 License Statements *
631154 MCF7 Tet-Off® Advanced Cell Line Each $770.00 License Statements *
631134 PC12 Tet-Off® Cell Line Each $647.00  
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Required Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price # of Units Select
631101 Tet System Approved FBS, US-Sourced 500 mL $850.00
631106 Tet System Approved FBS 500 mL $840.00



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