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Inducible Systems

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Tet-Express, Retroviral Format

Tet-Express Inducible Expression Systems are a faster, simpler adaptation of our powerful, tightly-regulated Tet-On/Tet-Off expression systems. To induce expression, simply apply a few microliters of Tet-Express to the culture medium of cells that have been transduced with pRetroX-TRE3G containing your gene of interest. With very high specificity, the Tet-Express transactivator recognizes and binds to a Tetracycline Response Element (TRE) that is located in the TRE3G promoter of pRetroX-TRE3G and activates transcription.

What is Tet-Express?

Tet-Express is a version of Clontech’s Tet-Off Advanced transactivator protein that has been modified and optimized for self-transduction, i.e., it has the ability to transport itself across cell membranes into the nucleus via protein transduction pathways. Since Tet-Express binds and activates expression in the absence of tetracyclines, doxycycline is not required for gene activation. An Intensifier Reagent included with each vial of Tet-Express increases protein transduction efficiency.

What is Included in the Retroviral Tet-Express Kit?

The Retro-X System is provided with a vial of Tet-Express, the pRetroX-TRE3G Vector to express your gene of interest and a complete retroviral packaging system:

  • Tet-Express (includes Tet-Express Transactivator and Intensifier Reagent)
  • pRetroX-TRE3G Response Vector
  • pRetroX-TRE3G-Luc Control Vector
  • Retro-X Universal Packaging System
    • GP2-293 Packaging Cell Line
    • p10A1 Envelope Vector
    • pAmpho Envelope Vector
    • pEco Envelope Vector
    • pVSV-G Envelope Vector
    • pQCLIN Control Retroviral Vector (expresses Beta-Gal)

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  • Tetracycline inducible expression

Additional Product Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631177 Tet-Express™ 25 Rxns $240.00 License Statements *
631178 Tet-Express™ 100 Rxns $696.00 License Statements *
631190 Retro-X™ Tet-Express™ Inducible Expression System Each $1,332.00 License Statements *
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Required Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price # of Units Select
631106 Tet System Approved FBS 500 mL $725.00
631306 Puromycin 100 mg $189.00



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