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iDimerize Citations

Clontech is the exclusive provider of iDimerize products—homodimerization and heterodimerization systems and ligands (e.g. AP20187, AP21967) which were previously provided by ARIAD under the brand name ARGENT. As indicated by these citations, iDimerize technology has been used successfully and extensively to trigger signal transduction cascades, as well as a host of other biological pathways.

The table below lists many publications that made use of iDimerize technology. For easy navigation, sort the table by the column of your choice: Protein(s) dimerized, Organism/Cell Type, Research area, and PMID.

Protein(s) dimerized Organism/Cell Type Research Area PMID URL
Prion protein Neurons Alzheimer’s disease, prion disease, protein structure 22993441 Explore the role of prion protein homodimerization in alpha-cleavage, a potential therapeutic strategy in prion disease
Caspase 8 LN443 cells Apoptosis, cancer, signal transduction 22585859 Identify therapeutic targets for TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand resistance in glioblastoma
Caspase 8 AFC8 mouse Liver disease, methods development 22899330 Develop a humanized mouse model for hepatitis C and other liver infections
Caspase 8 Lung cancer cells Cancer, microRNAs, signal transduction 22370637 Identify miRNAs that rescue cells from caspase-8 activation
Dsg2 Epithelial cells, cardiac muscle cells Cellular adhesion, signal transduction, cardiac research 23128240 Identify miRNAs that rescue cells from caspase-8 activation
PERK HEK293 cells Vision, cell death, signal transduction 22956602 Activate PERK to prevent mutant rhodopsin from accumulating in cells. May be useful in treating retinal degenerative diseases.
GDNF Pig retinas Vision, cell death, signal transduction 22915030 Determine whether GDNF has a neuroprotective effect on retinal electrophysiological function
Hpo S2 cells Developmental biology, signal transduction 22215676 Dimerize Hpo in order to activate its kinase activity
FGFR1 BaF3 HSCs Cell selection, methods development 22402491 Induce proliferation in order to expand a population of cells
Caspase 9 HCT116 colorectal cancer cells Cancer stem cells, signal transduction, methods development 22223359 Circumvent the apoptosis block in cancer stem cells; trigger tumor regression in vivo
Caspase 9 Xenopus Apoptosis, neurology, vision 22323724 Test whether Ret dimerization can protect photoreceptor cells from light-induced damage
MDC1 HEK293 cells Cell cycle 22234877 Rescue the ability of MDC1 to localize to DNA damage sites.
SLK COS-1 cells, glomerular epithelial cells Kidney biology, signal transduction 22203681 Test whether SLK homodimerization affects phosphorylation of JNK and p38 kinase.
Caspase 9 Primary HSCs Gene therapy 22110042 Develop an assay for targeted gene repair.
Fas MaFIA mouse Developmental biology 22129827 Study the role of macrophages in weaning-induced mammary gland involution.
HER3 Cancer cells Diabetes, cancer, signal transduction 23213231 Inhibit the NRG1-HER3 pathway—a potential target for the treatment breast cancer patients with associated diabetes.
FGFR2 Mouse blastocysts, mouse embryonic stem cells Developmental biology, signal transduction 22787153 Induce rapid, reversible Nanog repression in embryonic stem cells.
Neuroligin Neurons Neuroscience, signal transduction 23129658 Induce the clustering of presynaptic molecules (a requisite step in synapse assembly).
Fas MaFIA mouse Immunology, ophthalmology, signal transduction 22250085 Deplete macrophages and dendritic cells in mouse corneas to study P. aeruginosa keratitis.
Plexins Neuronal cell culture Signal transduction 22253263 Activate plexins’ RapGAP activity
PERK Mammary epithelial cells Cell survival, cell death, cancer 21709020 Induce normal cell-protective functions of PERK
FGFR1 Transgenic mouse Cancer 21868365 Characterize the oncogenic potential of FGFR1
INK BubR1 mouse Aging, senescence 22048312 Eliminate senescent cells in order to delay the onset of age-related pathologies.
MDM2 H1299 cells Cell cycle, DNA damage 21986495 Understand how MDM2 oligomerization stimulates p53 ubiquitination.
NTR Xenopus Vision, cell death 20720220 Develop a model for retinal degeneration, development, and regeneration.
Fas MaFIA mouse Stem cells, signal transduction 21282381 Understand the role of CD169+ macrophages in HSC/progenitor cell maintenance in the bone marrow.
SLK COS-1 cells Developmental biology, kidney biology 21677149 Increase phosphorylation of  proapoptotic kinases.
Caspase 8 FAT-ATTAC mouse Immunology, diabetes, obesity 21693678 Test the impact of adipocyte depletion on the inflammatory status of macrophages.
IRE1 alpha MEF cells Stress response, signal transduction 21737679 Identify a novel mammalian signaling pathway that responds to viral stress.
EGFR CHO cells, glioma cells Cancer, signal transduction 21775422 Understand the oncogenic potential of EGFR.
Cargo receptor p62 MEF cells Autophagy, cell death 21220506 Understand how p62 localizes to the ER–associated autophagosome formation site.
Caspase (HyDD-Caspase) Hydra Evolution 21183612 Characterize caspase activation in events downstream of NLR activation in Hydra.
FGFR1 Zebrafish Developmental biology, signal transduction 21628557 Understand the role of FGFR1 in establishment of the left–right asymmetric body plan.
Caspase 9 T cells Cancer, gene therapy 21415041 Install a safety switch on adoptively transferred T cells.
Thrombopoietin receptor Dog Hematopoiesis, signal transduction 21326218 Demonstrate safe regulation of genetically engineered hematopoietic cells over many years.
CARD HeLa cells Virology, signal transduction 21642441 Activate IFN-beta and IL-6 genes in response to viral infections.
Myosin VIIA ARPE-19 cells Auditory function, cargo transport, signal transduction 21482763 Understand how the MyRip cargo molecule activates the myosin VIIA transporter function.
Caspase 8 Myeloid cells, MAFIA mouse Immunology, tumor biology 21389319 Study how spleen monocytes mediate the terminal differentiation of peripheral NK cells.
CagA Mongolian gerbil Evolution, genetics 21757722 Understand the role of CagA in H. pylori virulence.
Clathrin HEK293T cells Vesicles, signal transduction 21411634 Control clathrin membrane association dynamics in order to understand the role of coats and membrane tethers in mammalian cells.
Beta-globin Mouse bone marrow cells Gene expression, signal transduction 20837550 Develop clinical treatments for hemoglobinopathies.
Nanog Mouse embryonic stem cells Developmental biology, Signal transduction 20736286 Use axNanog dimers to rescue self-renewal after LIF withdrawal.
EGFR NIH 3T3 2.2, Her14, and A431 cells Signal transduction 20940297 Understand how EGF receptor oligomerization is regulated.
PKR Transgenic mouse Memory formation, signal transduction 20164343 Increase phosphorylation of eIF2 alpha in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells.
Fas MaFIA mouse Immunology, signal transduction 20844189 Confirm that OX40L activation is macrophage dependent.
Caspase 9 SCID mouse Cancer 21098716 Selectively ablate tumor blood vessels in order to decrease the proportion of cancer stem cells in head and neck tumors.
NLRC5 HeLaS3, THP-1, CaCo2, HT-29, and HFF cells Immunology, signal transduction 20061403 Oligomerize NLRC5 to activate IFN-specific response element- and IFN-γ activation sequence-dependent signal transduction pathways .
Caspase 9 Xenopus Ophthalmology 19741241 Image progressive retinal degeneration in a inducible model of rod cell death.
Caspase 9 Cortical mouse neurons Apoptosis, neurology 20164347 Screen pathways downstream of caspase-9 for protection against apoptotic insults.
PERK CHO cells Cell cycle, signal transduction 20682638 Test whether PERK is sufficient for checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) activation.
Caspase 8 HeLa cells, E. coli Cell cycle, signal transduction 20308068 Understand the requirements for Caspase 8 activation.
Fas MaFIA mouse Cancer, immunology, signal transduction 19996287 Deplete CD115+ cells to show that CD40 expression is required for tumor promotion.
FGFR1 Transgenic mouse Cancer, signal transduction 20501844 Investigate the mechanisms of FGF/Wnt promotion of mammary tumorigenesis.
Fas MaFIA mouse Cancer, signal transduction 20008303 Reduce tumor angiogenesis by ablating CSF1R+ myeloid cells in the peripheral blood and spleen.
TCRalpha 293T cells Protein folding and ER quality control 20332119 Test whether TCRα oligomerization influences its degradation at the ER membrane.
Hrs HeLa cells Membrane trafficking, signal transduction 20713985 Map the spatiotemporal distribution of PtdIns(3)P in the endocytic and autophagic pathways.
Fas MaFIA mouse Immunology, ophthalmology, signal transduction 20826748 Deplete macrophages and dendritic cells in mouse corneas.
Dynein HeLa cells Intracellular transport 20133681 Disrupt endosomal, lysosomal, and Golgi organization.
Caspase 8 PANIC-ATTAC mouse Diabetes, signal transduction 20616094 Target pancreatic islet beta cells for death by activating caspase 8.
Fas MaFIA mouse Stem cells, signal transduction 20713966 Deplete macrophages and dendritic cells in mouse bone marrow.
CPAP HeLa cells Cell cycle, cargo transport 19889632 Understand the roles of monomeric and dimeric CPAP in mitosis.
TrkA PC12 cells Neuroscience, signal transduction 19405107 Homodimerize trkA to induce time- and dose-dependent neurite outgrowth and differentiation.
Fas MaFIA mouse Immunology, ophthalmology, signal transduction 19234168 Deplete macrophages and dendritic cells to understand their role in the development of corneal inflammation.
APP N2a cells Alzheimer’s disease, neurobiology, signal transduction 19596858 Test whether APP homodimerization can affect gamma-secretase processing or Abeta production.
Clathrin NIH 3T3 cells Cell biology, cell migration 19951918 Determine whether long-term depletion of clathrin can alter protein-trafficking pathways.
Caspase 9 Xenopus Ophthalmology 18836175 Develop an inducible model of retinitis pigmentosa.
EB3 CHO-K1 cells Cell biology, cytoskeleton 19255245 Determine that EB3 homodimerization is required for anti-catastrophe activity.
PERK CHO cells, HEK293 cells ER stress, signal transduction 19137072 Study the effects of selective PERK branch signaling.
Fas MaFIA mouse Bone marrow transplantation, immunology 19336758 Study the roles of macrophages and dendritic cells in graft-vs-host disease.
RPP Vero cells Cell biology, cytoskeleton 19773364 Understand how rabies virus P-Protein switches between microtubule-inhibited and -facilitated modes.
Prion protein E. coli (in vitro study) Prion disease, protein structure 19710507 Test whether PrPC dimerization induces a conformational change like that of PrPC to PrPRes.
FGFR1 MCF10A cells Cancer, signal transduction 19258500 Induce phenotypes characteristic of breast tumor cellsa.
Caspases Cox-2 overexpressing cancer cells Cancer, signal transduction 19067254 Measure the abilities of different caspases to induce apoptosis in Cox-2 overexpressing cancer cell lines.
Mpl Human HSCs, NOD/SCID mouse Stem cells, signal transduction 18174381 Expand multipotent and lymphoid-committed progenitor cells in NOD/SCID mice.
Fas MaFIA mouse Bone physiology 18606677 Deplete OsteoMacs (macrophages resident in bone) in order to demonstrate their role in bone formation.
Caspase 9 Mouse T cells, diabetic mouse Cell therapy, clinical research 18424760 Halt an ongoing autoimmune attack.
Caspase 9 H9 and Jurkat cells Cell death, signal transduction 17899380 Study signaling events downstream of caspase-9 dimerization during apoptosis.
FGFR4 Mouse myoblasts Developmental biology, signal transduction 18186042 Compare the phosphorylative potentials of FGFR4 and FGFR1.
Mpl CD34+ cells (Human cord blood), mouse Clinical research, methods development 18356813 Circumvent off-target effects of recombinant growth factors using a conditionally active signaling protein.
Cdc24 S. cerevisiae Cytoskeleton, signal transduction 18378681 Investigate Cdc24 localization and Cdc42 activation.
PERK Transgenic mouse ER stress, signal transduction 18522833 Activate the integrated stress response.
FGFR1 HEK293 cells Cell migration, developmental biology, signal transduction 19047466 Test whether FGFR1 activation affects the segregation of cell populations by Eph receptors and ephrins.
PERK Nude mouse, HEp3 cells, SW620 cells Cancer, cell death, ER stress, signal transduction 18451152 Arrest tumor growth in cell culture and in mice.
Fas MaFIA mouse Methods development 18094699 Compare macrophage depletion in different tissues, as a measure of the effectiveness of different drug injection sites.
Caspase 8 PANIC-ATTAC mouse Diabetes, methods development, signal transduction 18469203 Develop an inducible, reversible model for pancreatic islet beta-cell ablation.
ErbB2 MCF-10A cells Cancer, signal transduction 18719096 Identify Brk as a novel component of the ErbB2 signaling pathway.
Caspase 3, Caspase 9 Mouse Cancer, signal transduction 18323852 Decrease Cox-2 expression, tumor volume, and tumor growth.
FGFR1 JOCK1 transgenic mouse Cancer, signal transduction 18068632 Test whether prolonged FGFR1 activation can lead to prostate cancer.
Ret 293 cells, BALB/c mouse Vision, cell death, signal transduction 17962474 Test whether the GDNF receptor, Ret, plays a role in protecting photoreceptor cells from light-induced damage.
Caspase 9 H9 and Jurkat cells Apoptosis, signal transduction 17893147 Determine the signaling events induced by caspase-9 dimerization.
Tie2K MEF cells Developmental biology, signal transduction 17687003 Test whether MEKK3 transduces Ang1/Tie2 signals to downstream MAPKs.
Caspase 9 HDMECs Cancer, signal transduction 17720154 Study microvascular regression using  inducible caspase 9 to trigger apoptosis .
Cdc34 Insect cells Ubiquitination 17698585 Compare the activity of monomeric Cdc34 vs. dimerized Cdc34.
Prion protein N2a cells Neuroscience, prion disease 17663754 Induce PrPC oligomerization, which results in production, release, and deposition of extracellular PrP aggregates.
FGFR1 Xenopus Developmental biology, signal transduction 17092209 Activate the FGF signaling pathway during gastrulation.
Abl 3T3 cells Cytoskeleton, signal transduction 17686996 Inhibit cell spreading.
CD40 Human dendritic cells Cancer, signal transduction 17974997 Enhance dendritic cell-based vaccines using a synthetic ligand-inducible CD40 receptor.
MTK1 COS-7 cells Signal transduction 17242196 Dissect the molecular mechanism of MTK1 activation by GADD45 proteins.
Mek1 S. cerevisiae Meiosis, signal transduction 17526735 Confirm that dimerization alone is insufficient for Mek1 activation.
FGFR1 Human vascular endothelial cells Cell migration, cell proliferation, signal transduction 17572688 Induce proliferation in a tissue or cell graft without affected neighboring tissues.
RPTP beta/gamma MCF-7 cells Signal transduction 17681947 Regulate tyrosine phosphorylation levels and ALK activation.
Caspase 9 EBV-CTLs Cancer, gene therapy 17638856 Improve the safety of adoptively transferred tumor-specific transgenic cytotoxic T lymphocytes.
PERK MCF10A cells Cancer, cell proliferation, signal transduction 17637831 Induce translational repression.
Caspase 3, Caspase 9 Transgenic mouse Gene therapy, methods development 17417788 Create a double-inducible gene activation system in which RU 486 regulates caspase gene expression and AP20187 regulates caspase dimerization and self-activation.
TRH receptor CHO cells Signal transduction 17989235 Understand the role of TRH receptor dimerization in TRH-dependent receptor internalization.
FGFR1 C2C12 and MM14 cells Gene therapy 17518610 Induce selective proliferation of genetically modified myoblasts via the MAPK pathway.
MyoX NIH 3T3 cells Cytoskeleton, signal transduction 17954606 Define a role for myoX dimers, initiating microspikes/filopodia in lamellipodia in living cells.
FGFR1 JOCK1 transgenic mouse Cancer, signal transduction 17297442 Measure the increase in vascular volume caused by FGFR1 dimerization.
FGFR1, FGFR2 Mouse mammary epithelial cells Cancer, signal transduction 17284663 Examine the phenotypes mediated by FGFR1 and FGFR2 during carcinogenesis.
- Breast epithelial cells Cancer, signal transduction 17060907 Understand how oncogenes target polarity proteins to disrupt glandular organization and protect cells from apoptotic death during carcinoma development.
KIT E14 mES cells Differentiation, stem cells, signal transduction 16820414 Create an inducible SCF-KIT pathway in a knockout system.
Dbs HeLa cells Cytoskeleton, signal transduction 17007612 Homodimerize Dbs to test whether the PH domain can modify the subcellular localization of Dbs.
Mpl Beta-YAC transgenic mouse Methods development 17071982 Expand primary bone marrow cells to extremely large numbers.
Fas MaFIA mouse Methods development 16289593 Deplete macrophages and induce peritoneal adhesions.
H2-Kb T2 cells Immunology, signal transduction 16709826 Increase MHC I clustering.
Ire1p RG11907 cells Signal transduction 17035634 Understand how Ire1p is targeted to the inner nuclear membrane.
FGFR1 Zebrafish Developmental biology, signal transduction 16488878 Study the feedback loop between the FGFR pathway and Cnpy1.
PERK CHO cells, 293T cells ER stress, signal transduction 16418533 Trigger conformational changes in PERK that markedly increase its affinity for eIF2.
Mpl CD34+ cord blood cells; NOD/SCID mouse Stem cells, signal transduction 16373691 Expand cord blood cells ex vivo and in vivo.
Ret Rat-1 cells Cancer, signal transduction 16585194 Test whether Ret’s cellular transformation of Rat-1 cells is reversible.
Caspase 9 HDMECs, SCID mouse Cancer, signal transduction 16632757 Evaluate the effect of Caspase-9 activation on the progression of oral tumors.
FGFR1, Fas iFGFR1 transgenic mouse, MaFIA transgenic mouse Cancer, signal transduction 16740705 Dimerize FGFR1 to to recruit macrophages to the epithelium. Dimerize Fas to deplete macrophages and inhibit iFGFR1-mediated epithelial cell proliferation.
Fas Jurkat cells Immunology 16849454 Determine that the cytoplasmic domain is sufficient for T cell costimulation.
ZO-1 Epithelial cells Cell biology, signal transduction 16923393 Rescue the ability of truncated ZO-1 to dimerize, resulting in claudin polymerization.
FGFR1, Mpl HSCs Hematopoiesis, signal transduction 16902155 Characterize the different effects of FGFR1 or Mpl oligomers in regulating hematopoiesis.
ErbB2 MCF10A cells Cancer, signal transduction 16512675 Screen cDNAs implicated in breast cancer for their ability to trigger MCF-10A cell migration in the presence of activated ErbB2.
mBax HEK293 cells Drug screening 16490780 Screen for compounds that can block apoptosis caused by Bax dimerization.
ErbB1, ErbB2 MCF10A cells Cancer, signal transduction 16707444 Compare the roles of ErbB1 homodimers and ErbB1-ErbB2 heterodimers in ErbB2-positive cancers.
MEKK4 293 cells Signal transduction 16157600 Test whether MEKK4 dimerization is sufficient to induce JNK activation.
Mpl Beta-YAC transgenic mouse Drug screening 16131492 Expand a population of mouse bone marrow cells .

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