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ARGENT Cell Signaling Regulation Kits from ARIAD—Now Available from Clontech

Clontech is the exclusive provider of iDimerize products—homodimerization and heterodimerization systems and ligands (e.g. AP20187, AP21967) which were previously provided by ARIAD under the brand name ARGENT. The tables below show the iDimerize nomenclature and the equivalent ARGENT products and components.


ARIAD KitEquivalent Clontech System
ARGENT Regulated Homodimerization KitiDimerize Inducible Homodimer System
ARGENT Regulated Heterodimerization KitiDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
ARGENT Regulated Secretion/Aggregation KitiDimerize Reverse Dimerization System
ARGENT Regulated Transcription Plasmid KitiDimerize Regulated Transcription System


  • The B/B Homodimerizer (AP20187) induces dimerization of two proteins that each contain the DmrB homodimerization domain (see table below explaining domain nomenclature).
  • The A/C Heterodimerizer (AP21967) induces dimerization of a protein possessing the DmrA domain and a second protein containing the DmrC domain.
  • The D/D Solubilizer (alternative to AP21998) induces dissociation/disaggregation of proteins possessing DmrD domains. DmrD causes automatic self-association of proteins fused to it.
ARIAD Ligand Name Equivalent Clontech System
AP20187 B/B Homodimerizer
AP21967 A/C Heterodimerizer
AP21998 D/D Solubilizer (A different molecule which is functionally equivalent to AP21998)

Dimerization Domains

The amino acid sequences of the FV and FV' domains are identical; however there are significant differences at the nucleotide sequence level which reduce the potential for recombination between the repeating domain within the pC4M-FV2E plasmid (pHom-Mem1). The same is true of the F and F' domains within pC4M-FV2E (pHet-Mem1). Clontech does not distinguish between the two when referring to the dimerization domain.


Domain Name in ARIAD Kit Clontech Domain Name Clontech System
FV DmrB iDimerize Inducible Homodimer System
FV1 DmrB iDimerize Inducible Homodimer System
F DmrA iDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
F1 DmrA iDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
FRB* DmrC iDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
FM DmrD iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System


ARIAD Plasmid Name Clontech Plasmid Name Clontech System
pC4-FV1E pHom-1 iDimerize Inducible Homodimer System
pC4M-FV2E pHom-Mem1 iDimerize Inducible Homodimer System
pC4EN-F1 pHet-Nuc1 iDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
pC4M-F2E pHet-Mem1 iDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
pC4-RHE pHet-1 iDimerize Inducible Heterodimer System
pC4S1-FM4-FCS-hGH prHom-Sec1 iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System
pC4EN-FM3 prHom-Nuc1 iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System
pC4EN-FM2E prHom-1 iDimerize Reverse Dimerization System
pC4N2-RHS/ZF3 pHet-Act1-1 iDimerize Regulated Transcription System
pC4N2-RHS3H/ZF3 pHet-Act2-1 iDimerize Regulated Transcription System
pZ12I-PL-2 pZFHD1-1 iDimerize Regulated Transcription System
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