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Inducible Systems

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ProteoTuner Lentivirus & Retrovirus Systems

Analyzing protein function is a key focus in cell biology research. Clontech’s lentiviral and retroviral ProteoTuner systems make it possible to investigate the function of a specific protein of interest directly—by rapidly changing the abundance of the protein itself.

Protein Regulation Mechanism

These systems utilize a ligand-dependent destabilization domain (DD) modified from the DD of FKBP12 (1), and the ligand Shield1 to reversibly stabilize and destabilize a DD-tagged protein of interest in a predictable and dose-dependent manner. Your protein of interest is fused to a DD tag and rapidly stabilized by adding Shield1 ligand to the culture medium.

N or C Terminal Fusions to Your Protein

Most of the proteins that Clontech has tested show a better destabilization profile when the DD tag is fused to the N-terminus of the protein of interest (Systems N). Specific DD tag mutants for C-terminal tagging are available as well (Systems C); however they have a slightly reduced destabilization activity in the absence of the Shield1 ligand.

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  • On-demand, reversible, and tunable regulation of your favorite protein


  1. Banaszynski, L.A. et al. (2006) Cell 126(5):995–1004.

Additional Information

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631074 Lenti-X™ ProteoTuner™ Shield System C Each $740.00 License Statements
632173 Lenti-X™ ProteoTuner™ Shield System N Each $740.00 License Statements
632175 Lenti-X™ ProteoTuner™ Shield System N (w/ ZsGreen1) Each $740.00 License Statements *
632171 Retro-X™ ProteoTuner™ Shield System N Each $740.00 License Statements
632167 Retro-X™ ProteoTuner™ Shield System N (w/ ZsGreen1) Each $740.00 License Statements *
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Required Products
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632189 Shield1 500 uL $350.00



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