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Inducible Systems

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Shield1 Ligand

ProteoTuner inducible protein stabilization systems utilize ligand-dependent destabilization domains (DD) and the Shield1 ligand to reversibly stabilize and destabilize a DD-tagged protein of interest in a predictable and dose-dependent manner. The destabilization domain of the ProteoTuner Shield System was modified from the DD of FKBP12 (1).

Shield1 Ligand

Shield1 stabilizes proteins tagged with a mutated FKBP destabilization domain (DD). It is used to protect DD-tagged proteins from proteasomal degradation. The amount of Shield1 can be varied to tune the amount of your stabilized protein of interest within the cell.

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  • Membrane permeable small molecule
  • Binds specifically to the DD degron, to inactivate protein degradation
  • No toxic effect on cells
  • Can be used in cells and in animal models


  • Rapid stabilization of proteins containing the DD tag
  • In vitro protein function studies
  • In vivo protein function studies


  1. Banaszynski, L.A. et al. (2006) Cell 126(5):995–1004.

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632188 Shield1 5 mg $1,900.00 License Statements
632189 Shield1 500 uL $350.00 License Statements



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