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Glycan Clean Up Before Pyridylamination: Cellulose Cartridge Glycan Preparation Kit

Glycobiology is a field of research that addresses the biological functions of glycans on glycoconjugates such as glycoproteins, glycolipids, proteoglycans and free oligosaccharides, as well as those proteins that specifically interact with glycans (e.g., glycosidases). The pyridylamination reaction was first described in 1978 as a means of analyzing glycan structures1.

The Cellulose Cartridge Glycan Preparation Kit is designed for glycan clean up before pyridylamination of samples. The first step involves packing the fine cellulose microcrystals into the cellulose cartridge. Glycans adhere to the cellulose via hydrophilic interactions during the loading and washing steps. Contaminants such as hydrazinolyzed cell and glyco proteins are removed, along with the enzyme reaction mixture. Finally, the isolated glycans are eluted with ethanol/water.


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  • Glycan clean up before pyridylamination
  • Components

    Glycan Preparation Kit (Cat.# 4403)

    Cellulose Cartridge5 columns
    Plastic Syringe (10 mL)1 pc
    Adaptor1 pc
    Column Pack (Cat.# 4404)
    Cellulose Cartridge10 columns


    Ambient temperature


    • Adsorbent cellulose microcrystals
    • Bead volume: 0.5 mL


    1. Natsuka, S. & Hase, S. (1998) Methods Mol. Biol. 76:101-113.

    Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
    4404 Cellulose Cartridge Column Pack 10 Columns $228.00
    4403 Cellulose Cartridge Glycan Preparation Kit 1 Kit $228.00



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