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Control over Your Cre Recombinase Experiments

Cre Recombinase Gesicles

  • Flox your cells on demand
  • See faster, more efficient recombination
  • Simplify experiments with a quick, easy protocol
  • Minimize unintended recombination events

What if you had full control over your recombinase experiments? Cre Recombinase Gesicles give you this control and much more. As a powerful tool for genomic modification without the use of nucleic acids, gesicle technology improves recombinase delivery to target cells with upgrades in both ease-of-use and experimental flexibility. Please visit our tech note for more data.

What are Cre Recombinase Gesicles?

Cre recombinase is a site-specific recombinase isolated from the P1 bacteriophage that catalyzes recombination between two 34-bp loxP sites. It is widely used for knock-out and knock-in studies: the DNA sequence located between two tandem repeats of loxP sites can be excised to create a deletion mutant, or a plasmid containing a single loxP site can undergo site-specific integration into a genome containing loxP to create an insertion mutant.

Cre Recombinase Gesicles are cell-derived nanovesicles containing concentrated Cre recombinase protein. When applied to your target cells they fuse with the plasma membrane and discharge active Cre recombinase into the cell, where it carries out Cre-mediated recombination between loxP sites. No Cre recombinase coding gene is present, thus there is no risk of sustained recombinase expression in your cells, and the chance of unintended recombination events is minimized.

Applications for Cre Recombinase Gesicles include:

  • Delivery of Cre recombinase for knock-out and knock-in studies
  • Limitation and control of site-specific recombination events, including deletions, insertions, translocations, and inversions
Active Cre recombinase delivered directly to target cells

Cre Recombinase Gesicles deliver Cre recombinase protein to any mammalian cell rapidly, efficiently, and without nucleic acids.

How do gesicles improve Cre recombinase experiments?

Gesicle technology paves the way for a wide range of experimental possibilities, with key features that save time and offer unmatched performance.

Benefits of Cre Recombinase Gesicles
Feature Advantage
Simple protocol: just apply 10–20 µl of the gesicles to target cells. Easier to use than plasmid or viral gene delivery. No preparation or pre-treatment required.
Compatible with most cell types. Performs well with dividing and non-dividing cells, primary cells, and cell lines. Low toxicity maintains cell viability better than other transfection methods.
Protein is present and active as soon as gesicles are applied to cells. Efficient delivery and high activity of Cre recombinase. No delay for transcription and translation.
No Cre recombinase coding gene present. No risk of sustained Cre recombinase expression in cells. Limited unintended recombination events.
Gesicles are labeled with CherryPicker red fluorescent protein. Easy visualization of delivery to cells.

The LacZ reporter assay below directly compares two Cre recombinase delivery methods: plasmid transfection and gesicles. In this example, expression of lacZ is only possible when the upstream loxP-flanked stop codon was excised by recombinase activity. Using gesicles resulted in faster and more efficient excision than plasmid transfection delivery of Cre recombinase.

Faster, more efficient activity with gesicle technology

Rapid and efficient genome modification using Cre Recombinase Gesicles. A cell line harboring an integrated, loxP-conditional lacZ expression cassette (top panel) was either transfected with a plasmid expressing Cre recombinase (bottom panel, middle image) or treated with Cre Recombinase Gesicles (bottom panel, right image). 24 hr after treatment, cells were stained for LacZ expression using the Beta-Galactosidase Staining Kit.

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