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Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library System

The Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library System makes it easy to perform genome-wide phenotypic knockout screens using CRISPR/Cas9 in human cell lines. Each screen contains both the genome-wide sgRNA library and a Cas9 expression system in our easy-to-use Lenti-X Single Shots format to produce cell lines stably expressing both Cas9 and the sgRNA library. The library is based on the Brunello library (Doench et al. 2016; Doench, 2018), and contains >76,000 guide RNAs with four highly active guides per gene, targeting about 19,000 genes as well as non-targeting sgRNA controls. After performing a screen, use next-generation sequencing analysis with the Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library NGS Analysis Kit which includes the necessary primers and kits to prepare an NGS sample from cells transduced with our sgRNA library.

This library has been carefully manufactured to ensure proper sgRNA representation. We have measured sgRNA representation at every step in the process from library synthesis, amplification, viral production, and target-cell transduction. This kit contains the validated library in a dry-down lentiviral format and Lenti-X 293T cells. To produce viral particles, simply add water to the lyophilized library mix and then add it to the 293T cells in culture. The sgRNA content is verified in every lot by NGS to contain >90% of all the stated sgRNAs within a 10-fold distribution range. We have also modified the sgRNA scaffold design in the pLVXS-sgRNA-mCherry-hyg Vector to improve the Cas9-sgRNA interaction, ensuring a high editing efficiency. Representation of the lentiviral sgRNA library is maintained by utilizing our Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots, a validated, high-titer packaging formulation.

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  • Contains >76,000 sgRNAs based on the Brunello library that maximize on-target specificity and activity, while minimizing off-target effects. Download sgRNA representation data.
  • Each gene in the human genome is targeted by 4 highly active sgRNAs, enabling screens with a single module
  • Modified sgRNA scaffold design for improved Cas9-sgRNA interaction and high editing efficiency
  • Lentiviral sgRNA library is already formulated with the Lenti-X Packaging Single Shots and the Xfect Transfection Reagent, such that only water is required to produce a highly efficient transfection mix for transfecting Lenti-X 293T cells to produce high-titer sgRNA libraries
  • Self-inactivating lentiviral vectors for high level of safety during production and use


  • The Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide Library PCR Kit (Cat. # 632651) contains all the primers and reagents necessary to amplify sgRNA sequences from genomic DNA isolated from your screened cell population for NGS analysis, and allows for preparation of ten sequencing libraries (20 PCRs).
  • The Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library NGS Analysis Kit (Cat. # 632647) includes the Guide-it CRISPR Genome-Wide Library PCR Kit in addition to a genomic DNA purification kit and a PCR cleanup kit.


  • Pooled genome-wide phenotypic screens in human cells
  • Loss-of-function genetic screens


Doench, J.G. Am I ready for CRISPR? A user’s guide to genetic screens. Nat. Rev. Genet. 19, 67–80 (2018).

Doench, J.G. et al. Optimized sgRNA design to maximize activity and minimize off-target effects of CRISPR-Cas9. Nat. Biotechnol. 34, 184–191 (2016).

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

New Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632646 Guide-it™ CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library System 5 Screens $3,876.00 License Statements *
632647 Guide-it™ CRISPR Genome-Wide sgRNA Library NGS Analysis Kit 10 Rxns $555.00  
632651 Guide-it™ CRISPR Genome-Wide Library PCR Kit 20 Rxns $282.00  
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Required Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price # of Units Select
631106 Tet System Approved FBS 500 mL $840.00
631306 Puromycin 100 mg $195.00
631309 Hygromycin B 1 g $222.00
6023 DNA Ligation Kit, Mighty Mix 100 Rxns $193.00
636763 Stellar™ Competent Cells 10 x 100 uL $185.00


Recommended Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
631231 Lenti-X™ Concentrator 100 mL $204.00
631443 Guide-it™ Mutation Detection Kit 100 Rxns $441.00
631444 Guide-it™ Indel Identification Kit 10 Rxns $388.00
631275 Lenti-X™ Packaging Single Shots (VSV-G) 16 Rxns $795.00
632628 Guide-it™ Cas9 Monoclonal Antibody (Clone TG8C1) 100 ug $203.00
631280 Lenti-X™ GoStix™ Plus 20 Tests $418.00

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