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Cell Signaling Pathway Profiling Systems

The Pathway Profiling Systems provide a means to assess cell signaling pathway activation in vivo. These systems consist of sets of vectors that each contain a distinct cis-acting enhancer element upstream of a reporter gene. A single transfection experiment provides a profile of the transcription factors that are affected by a given stimulus, drug candidate, or gene product of interest.

Profile Multiple Signal Transduction Pathways

Most of the cis-acting enhancer elements included in our transcription factor systems are regulated by more than one transcription factor, so multiple signal transduction pathways can be monitored. Reporter expression indicates that a transactivator present in the cell has bound the enhancer element in one of the TransFactor Vectors, indicating that a particular signaling pathway or pathways has been activated.

  • Use the Pathway Profiling SEAP System for broad-spectrum profiling.
  • Use the Pathway Profiling Luciferase System 4 to study checkpoints in the cell cycle.

Two Reporters Available—Luciferase & SEAP

  • Luciferase induction can be measured from cell lysates using a standard assay.
  • SEAP can be measured simply by collecting samples of the culture medium without cell lysis. Clontech offers the Great EscAPe SEAP Chemiluminescence Kit 2.0 to measure SEAP activity.

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  • Extensive coverage of cell signaling pathways
  • Easy to use & reliable


  • Study activation of cis-acting enhancer elements in vivo
  • Measure transcription factor activation
  • Quantify differences in activation

Additional Information

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