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tdTomato Fluorescent Protein

tdTomato is an exceptionally bright red fluorescent protein—6 times brighter than EGFP. tdTomato’s emission wavelength (581 nm) and brightness make it ideal for live animal imaging studies. The tdTomato fluorescent protein is equally photostable to mCherry (1).

Developing tdTomato

Sequence mutations were introduced to mRFP by the Tsien lab (through directed evolution) in order to produce dTomato. This very bright red fluorescent protein was made even brighter by creating a tandem dimer version, the tdTomato fluorescent protein. Because tdTomato forms an intramolecular dimer, it behaves like a monomer with a very bright red fluorescent signal (1).

Anti-tdTomato Antibody

tdTomato fluorescent protein can be detected with the DsRed Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies. Alternatively, use the mCherry Monoclonal Antibody to differentiate mCherry (which it detects) from DsRed-Express and/or tdTomato (which it does not). Visit the anti-tdTomato Antibody page.

tdTomato sequence files can be found in the Documents tab below.

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The tdTomato fluorescent protein offers:

  • Exceptional brightness: 6 times brighter than EGFP
  • Rapid maturation (t0.5=1 hr; 1)
  • Non-aggregating tandem dimer structure
  • Excitation maximum: 554 nm
    Emission maximum: 581 nm


tdTomato vectors are available for a variety of uses including:

  • Fusions
    If you need a smaller tag, consider the mCherry fluorescent protein
  • Promoter studies
  • FRET and other quantitative imaging techniques
  • Identify and select transfected cells with the IRES tdTomato vector

Use tdTomato fluorescent protein for in vivo studies:

  • Transgenic mice—tdTomato is easily detectable in SCID mice, where fur is an additional impedance to fluorescence signal penetration (2)
  • Xenograft and transplantation studies
  • In vivo imaging and cell morphology analysis
  • Cell lineage tracing


  1. Shaner, N. C. et al. (2004) Nature Biotechnol. 22(12):1567–1572. Improved monomeric red, orange and yellow fluorescent proteins derived from Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein
  2. Winnard Jr., P. T. et al. (2006) Neoplasia 8(10):796–806. Noninvasive optical tracking of red fluorescent protein-expressing cancer cells in a model of metastatic breast cancer.

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632531 ptdTomato Vector 20 ug $529.00 License Statements *
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632533 ptdTomato-C1 Vector 20 ug $529.00 License Statements *
632534 pCMV-tdTomato Vector 20 ug $529.00 License Statements *
632190 DD-tdTomato Reporter System Each $569.00 License Statements *
631753 Lenti-X™ DD Red Reporter System Each $1,096.00 License Statements *
631238 pLVX-IRES-tdTomato Vector 20 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632563 pLVX-tdTomato-N1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
632564 pLVX-tdTomato-C1 Vector 10 ug $676.00 License Statements *
631975 pEF1alpha-tdTomato Vector 10 ug $555.00 License Statements *
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