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Dendra2 Photoswitchable Fluorescent Protein for Fusions

Living Colors Dendra2 is a monomeric, green-to-red photoswitchable fluorescent protein derived from octocoral Dendronephthya sp. Dendra2 is an ideal tool for real-time tracking protein dynamics (movement, degradation, etc.) and monitoring selective cell fate.

After complete photoconversion, the red fluorescence of Dendra2 increases 150–300 times, whereas the level of green fluorescence becomes 10–15 times lower. Thus, the increase in the red-to-green fluorescence ratio results in ~4000-fold contrast. This provides a molecular tool to simultaneously track both the movement of the activated protein and its replacement with the non-activated form.

Excellent Performance in Fusion Applications

Dendra2 has been successfully fused to a variety of proteins including cytoplasmic beta-actin, BH3 interacting domain death agonist (BID), nucleolar protein fibrillarin, vimentin, and alpha-tubulin.

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  • N & C terminal tagging vectors
  • Monomeric fluorescent protein suited for fusion applications
  • Green-to-red, high-contrast photoswitchable fluorescent protein
  • Irreversible switching from green to red is activated by UV-violet or blue light
  • Switched (red) form is highly photostable


  • Tracking cell, organelle, and protein movement
  • Visualizing real-time protein dynamics (movement, degradation, etc.)
  • Monitoring selective cell fate
  • Determining protein half-life

Additional Information

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632546 pDendra2-C Vector 20 ug $571.00 License Statements
632545 pDendra2-N Vector 20 ug $571.00 License Statements



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