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mOrange Fluorescent Protein

Living Colors mOrange and mOrange2 are extremely bright orange fluorescent protein monomers which can be used as tags or reporters. Both mOrange fluorescent proteins are mutants derived from mRFP1, a monomeric mutant of DsRed, which was developed in Dr. Roger Tsien’s lab (1–3) by directed mutagenesis (4). 

Fusions with mOrange2 Fluorescent Protein

Generate N- or C-terminal fusion proteins to express and visualize a protein of interest fused to mOrange2 in mammalian cells. 

Anti-mOrange Antibody

We offer a monoclonal antibody and a polyclonal antibody that recognize mOrange2 and mOrange.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
632550 pmOrange2-C1 Vector 20 ug $589.00 License Statements *
632549 pmOrange2-N1 Vector 20 ug $589.00 License Statements *
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