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Mighty Cloning Kit (Blunt End) Reagent Set

Takara's Reagent Set for Mighty Cloning Kit (Blunt End) is designed to simply and quickly prepare PCR products for cloning into blunt-ended vectors. Because the blunting and 5'-phosphorylation reactions are done simultaneously and in parallel, both blunt- and -dA ended products can be prepared in a single reaction.

This kit eliminates the need for pre-treatment (such as enzyme inactivation, removal of unused dNTPs and primers, etc.) of PCR products. In addition, the enzymes used in the blunting-kinase reaction can be removed in only 30 sections by centrifugation through a protein removal filter.*

This kit includes the same ligation reagents included in Takara's DNA Ligation Kit (Mighty Mix), which provide simple, quick and efficient ligation. The kit is suitable for blunt-end cloning of PCR products obtained with PrimeSTAR and e2TAK DNA Polymerases (only sold in the United States).

*NOTE: This kit is optimized for use with Micropure-EZ (not supplied). It can be purchased form Millipore.

See Images & Data  for vector and sequence information.

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  • Quick and easy preparation of PCR products for cloning into blunt-end vectors


(For 20 Rxns)
10X Blunting Kination Buffer 40 µl
Blunting Kination Enzyme Mix 20 µl
Ligation Mighty Mix* 120 µl
pUC118-Hinc II/BAP (50 ng/µl) 20 µl
Control Insert** (200 ng/µl) 10 µl
ddH2O 340 µl
*Ligation Mighty Mix is the same reagent that is included in the DNA Ligation Kit, Mighty Mix (Cat.# 6023)
**500 bp PCR fragment amplified with TaKaRa Ex Taq using lambda DNA as a template.

Reagents and Instruments required, but not supplied in the kit:

  • Chemically competent or electro-competent cells
  • SOC culture medium
  • Ampicillin/X-Gal/LB plate with IPTG
  • Micropure-EZ (Millipore Corporation)



Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
6027 Mighty Cloning Reagent Set (Blunt End) 20 Rxns $315.00


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