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Cloning & Competent Cells

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LA PCR in vitro Cloning Kit

The LA PCR in vitro Cloning Kit is designed specifically for long range PCR and cloning of plasmid, cDNA or genomic DNA regions that contain a known sequence flanking one end. This cloning kit for long fragments takes advantage of LA (long and accurate) PCR technology by using TaKaRa LA Taq enzyme for longer amplification and improved fidelity. Amplification is accomplished via cassette-mediated PCR whereby long DNA fragments, such as those found in genomic DNA, are used without the need for time-consuming library construction and screening.

Note: The user must design and prepare primers corresponding to the known region of the DNA to be amplified.

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  • Long fragment cloning
  • Long range PCR and cloning


Sau3A I Cassette (200 ng/µL)25 µL
EcoR I Cassette (20 ng/µL)25 µL
Hind III Cassette (20 ng/µL) 25 µL
Pst I Cassette (20 ng/µL)25 µL
Sal I Cassette (20 ng/µL)25 µL
Xba I Cassette (20 ng/µL) 25 µL
Cassette Primer C1 (10 pmol/µL)20 µL
Cassette Primer C2 (10 pmol/µL) 20 µL
Ligation Solution I150 µL
Ligation Solution II 75 µL
LA Taq DNA Polymerase (5 U/µL)10 µL
10X LA Buffer II (contains Mg2+) 100 µL
dNTP Mixture (2.5 mM each) 160 µL
Control DNA Fragment (100 ng/µL)25 µL
Control Primer CS-1 (10 pmol/µL)10 µL
Control Primer CS-2 (10 pmol/µL)10 µL


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RR015 LA PCR™ in vitro Cloning Kit 10 Rxns $419.00



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