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DNA Ligation Kit for Long Fragments

Takara's DNA Ligation Kit for Long Fragments is a powerful tool for the cloning of long DNA fragments spanning 2 kb to over 10 kb in length. The kit contains an optimized ligase/buffer system that enables ligation of long fragments without the need for extensive techniques or special expertise. It is especially well suited for BAC library construction.

See accompanying product figures for a comparison of the ligation efficiencies of several commercially available ligation kits with Takara's DNA Ligation Kit for Long Fragments. Compared with other kits, Takara's cloning kit for large fragment ligation resulted in insertion efficiencies up to 50 times higher for high molecular weight DNA fragments ranging from 2 kb to 18 kb. In addition to providing superior performance regarding large fragment ligation, Takara's DNA ligation kit for long fragments also enabled fast and easy ligation of smaller size DNA inserts.

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  • Superior ligation efficiency, especially for long DNA fragments
  • Simple protocol
  • Long control vector and insert provided


  • Vector construction using long DNA fragments
  • BAC library construction
  • Cloning of long cDNA fragments


DNA Ligase <LONG>50 µL
10X LONG Ligation Buffer300 µL
Control Insert DNA/ Hind III (18 kb)50 µL
Control Vector (pUC 8/Hind III/BAP)10 µL
dH2O 1 mL

For cohesive-end ligation, the kit provides sufficient reagent for 50 reactions. For blunt-end ligation, the kit provides sufficient reagent for 10 reactions.



Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
6024 TaKaRa® DNA Ligation Kit LONG 50 Rxns $191.00



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