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Molecular cloning using adaptors enables the quick addition of restriction enzyme recognized sequences without the need to generate specific primers and perform PCR. The EcoRI-NotI-BamHI Adaptor can be used for adaptor ligation projects that require the introduction of NotI and BamHI restriction sites. This adaptor has a 4-base 5' overhang corresponding to its EcoRI half-site in addition to internal NotI and BamHI sites. The EcoRI-NotI-BamHI Adaptor is provided as a double-stranded, annealed product and therefore can be used directly after being dissolved in sterilized water or TE buffer.


  • EcoRI-NotI-BamHI Adaptor: 5'-AATTCGGCGGCCGCGGATCC-3' annealed to 3'-GCCGCCGGCGCCTAGG-5' and containing a 5'-AATT overhang.

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  • Cohesive restriction site generation in blunt-ended DNA
  • Multiple restriction site generation in cloning vectors




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4510 Adaptor, EcoR I-Not I-BamH I 1,000 pmol $57.00



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