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Cloning & Competent Cells

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In-Fusion Cloning Kits Webinar Series

Cloning is an integral starting point for the vast majority of research done in biological sciences. What if you could spend less time on this step, and more time actually running experiments? In‑Fusion HD Cloning Plus is easy and highly accurate, making it possible for you to recover your final vector without subcloning. Build completely seamless constructs exactly to your specifications—never add an unnecessary base to your project. You’ve put a lot of thought into your plasmid designs, and In‑Fusion kits can make them a reality with one quick reaction.

The following webinars show you the true breadth of what In-Fusion Cloning can help you accomplish. Sign up now for full access to these quick, step‑by‑step guides.

Simplify Cloning

  • Seamlessly clone any fragment into any vector, at any locus
  • Recover your final construct on the 2nd day
  • Save time on screening with >95% cloning efficiency

Easy Site-Directed Mutagenesis

  • Make single or multiple deletion constructs
  • Make single or multiple base substitutions
  • Design primers with 15 bp overlap for inverse PCR

Adapting Constructs for Tagged Protein Applications

  • Add small tags and a gene of interest to any plasmid
  • Design primers appropriate for N- or C-terminal tags
  • Include an optional cleavage site, if appropriate

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