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Cloning & Competent Cells

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Reagents for Traditional Cloning: Ligation Kits

Reagents for Traditional Cloning: Ligation Kits

Clontech provides excellent options for every ligation experiment—whether you're working with long inserts, blunt ends, high-throughput applications, or sensitive cells that require small reaction volumes.

Choose the kit that's right for you:
  DNA Ligation Kit, Mighty Mix >> DNA Ligation Kit,
Version 2.1
TaKaRa DNA Ligation Kit LONG >>
Speed X X  
Long inserts & BAC library construction     X
Small volume X X  
High throughput X    
TA cloning X X X
Blunt-end cloning X X X
Sticky-end cloning X X X

Are you ready for an upgrade?

Consider In-Fusion Cloning, a unique technology that allows easy, accurate cloning without the use of ligase. Eliminate the constraints of traditional cloning methods, and move your research forward.

  • 15-min reaction—make quick work of every construct, with just one enzymatic step
  • High accuracy, low background—screen just a few colonies to find the right clone
  • Directional reactions—recover your insert in the correct orientation
  • The right clone every time—no need for repeated cloning attempts
Learn more about In-Fusion HD Cloning Plus >>


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