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Cloning & Competent Cells

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Cloning Kit Selection Guide

Your success starts with experimental design, and each decision has an impact. We offer a comprehensive supply of best-in-class reagents to fit every cloning project—choose the kit that’s right for you:

Cloning capabilities Simple and complex constructs Simple constructs
Experimental concerns
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
  • Time
  • Reagent cost
Best cloning reagents In-Fusion Cloning Kits >> DNA Ligation Kits >>
Key features
  • High accuracy
  • Directional reactions
  • Any insert, any vector
  • No unwanted/additional nucleotides
  • TA cloning
  • Blunt-end cloning
  • Long-insert cloning
Maximum number of inserts 5 1
Time needed to clone multiple inserts into one construct 15 minutes
(Clone up to 5 inserts in a single reaction.)
Site-directed mutagenesis Yes No
High-throughput applications Yes Yes
Subcloning required No
(Clone directly into desired vector, regardless of MCS.)
Seamless (no extra sequences) Yes No
Includes all reagents to complete cloning Yes No
Cloning reagent price/unit $14.26–$21.90/reaction $1.76–$9.60/reaction
Total reagent price/unit (includes cloning reagent, high-fidelity PCR premix, DNA or PCR cleanup, competent cells) $14.26–$21.90/reaction
(All necessary reagents are included in this kit.)


Pricing depends on the particular reagents used.

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