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RNAiMonitor—RNA Interference Assay

This RNA intereference assay is designed to monitor knockdown of RNAi target sequences efficiently and easily, using a no-cell-lysis protocol. It consists of the pRNAiMonitor-MetLuc2 Vector and the Ready-To-Glow Secreted Luciferase Reporter Assay. The pRNAiMonitor-MetLuc2 vector expresses MetLuc, a secreted luciferase reporter that can easily be detected in the medium surrounding the cells. When a target sequence (encoding the target of your shRNA or siRNA) is cloned downstream of the MetLuc gene, a bicistronic mRNA transcript encoding both the MetLuc and the target sequence is produced. Target gene knockdown results in the degradation (or translational inhibition) of the mRNA transcript, which causes a proportional decrease in the expression of the reporter protein. The reporter molecule is easily detected with the Ready-To-Glow Secreted Luciferase Reporter Assay kits.

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  • RNA interference assay uses luciferase to monitor efficacy of shRNA or siRNA knockdown
  • Easy, no-cell-lysis protocol
  • Reporter vector for cloning target sequence


  • RNA interference assay, measures shRNA or siRNA knockdown

Additional Information

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
631755 RNAiMonitor Each $337.00 License Statements


Required Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price # of Units Select
631727 Ready-To-Glow™ Secreted Luciferase Reporter Assay 500 Rxns $367.00
631726 Ready-To-Glow™ Secreted Luciferase Reporter Assay 100 Rxns $105.00
631728 Ready-To-Glow™ Secreted Luciferase Reporter Assay 1,000 Rxns $518.00


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