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Cell Biology & Epigenetics

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Peptide Coating Kit

Generally, low molecular weight peptides and synthetic peptides do not spontaneously attach to 96-well microtiter ELISA plates. The Peptide Coating Kit is designed to allow optimal peptide plate coating onto 96-well plates. The Peptide Coating Kit also includes reaction buffer, 96 well microplates and blocking solution designed specifically for subsequent ELISA.


The free carboxyl groups of peptides used for plate coating can be covalently linked via reaction with the water-soluble peptide coupling reagent l-ethyl-3-(3-(dimethylamino)-propy1)carbodiimide (EDC). These peptides can subsequently be linked to amino groups that are attached to the surface of microtiter plate wells. The end result is a population of peptides directly coating the surface of the microtiter plate via peptide bonds.

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  • Detection of antigen via ELISA
  • Detection of antibody via competitive ELISA


Reaction plate96 well (8 well × 12 strips) × 5 plates
Coupling reagent1 vial (for 5 mL × 1)
Reaction buffer1 vial (50 mL × 1)
Blocking solution2 vials (50 mL × 2)




1. Nakajima, N. & Ikada, Y. (1995) Bioconjug. Chem. 6(1):123-130.

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MK100 Peptide Coating Kit 480 Rxns $271.00



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