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Cell Biology & Epigenetics

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Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin Magnetic Microparticles

Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin particles are streptavidin-coated magnetic microparticles of uniform size that are intended for recovery of biotin-labeled molecules. Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin particle surfaces are covered with a hydrophilic polymer, enabling low non-specific absorption of nucleic acids and no inhibition of enzymatic activity. These Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin magnetic microparticles can be used in PCR and qPCR amplifications or with ELISA systems.

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  • PCR
  • qPCR


Magnosphere MS300/Streptavidin: 2 ml (10 mg/ml), approximately 6 × 10 8 particles/mL 
Dispersion medium:

0.05% Tween20
0.09% NaN 3





  • Particle size: 3 µm
  • Magnetic material content: ~20% by weight
  • Biotin binding amount: 400 to 600 pmol/mg particle

Binding Capacity

Biotinylated ssDNA (30 mer) binding capacity approximately: 80 to 100 pmol/mg. Binding amount varies depending on chain length and sequence of DNA.

Cat. # Product Size Price Units Select
5325 Magnosphere™ MS300/Streptavidin 2 mL $736.00



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