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Cellartis Power Primary HEP Medium

Human primary hepatocytes (hphep) are an invaluable tool for academic and pharmaceutical labs studying liver disease pathology or as part of the drug development pipeline. To assess disease models and hepatocyte toxicity, robust and predictive hphep cell cultures are required. However, currently available culture media severely limits the utility of primary hepatocytes because hepatocytes lose their function and viability within a week. Additionally, daily feedings are required to maintain the hphep cultures.

Cellartis Power Primary HEP Medium is specially formulated to enable the long-term maintenance—cells are viable and maintain functionality for four weeks—of cryopreserved plateable hphep in conventional 2D cultures. This medium further simplifies culturing of hepatocytes with a weekend-free feeding schedule.

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  • Extended culture time—keeps primary hepatocytes viable and metabolically active for four weeks in culture as measured by CYP activities, albumin secretion, and CYP induction capabilities
  • Flexible format—delivered frozen; possible to aliquot and refreeze
  • Convenient workflow—follow a weekend-free feeding schedule, feed cultures every other day (Mon, Wed, Fri) instead of daily media changes, and eliminate complicated overlays or sandwich culture


  • Liver disease modeling
  • Hepatotoxicity assessment
  • Chronic toxicity

Additional Information

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Y20020 Cellartis® Power™ Primary HEP Medium 250 mL $395.00


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