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Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit, EpiXplore

The EpiXplore Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit provides a simple magnetic bead-based method for enriching and fractionating both hypo- and hypermethylated DNA from the whole genome. Enrichment leads to superior results in gene regulation studies by reducing background during sequencing.

Why Choose the EpiXplore Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit?

  • The EpiXplore protocol is based on affinity binding between methylated DNA and a highly specific Methylated DNA Binding (MDB) Protein.
  • It does not require any antibodies or follow an immunoprecipitation (IP) protocol.
  • Its flexible protocol allows you to elute your methylated DNA in fractions (by methylation density) or as a single fraction.

By contrast, antibody-based (IP) enrichment methods, including MeDIP, lack flexibility and the necessary pretreatments often result in loss of starting material. More importantly, antibody-based enrichment is "all or none"—that is, they do not allow gradient separation of methylated DNA.

Why Fractionate By Methylation Density?

Recent reports indicate that regions of the genome with medium to low density methylation (including regions far from promoters and CpG islands) can play an important role in differential gene regulation. If you are looking for a comprehensive picture of methylation activity, differentiating these regions is an important first step. Only the EpiXplore Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit contains elution buffers which allow you to split your enriched methylated DNA into three fractions, based on methylation density.

How Many Methylated Sites Are Required for Binding?

The Methylated DNA Enrichment Kit contains a fragment of the MBD2 protein which provides high sensitivity. The kit can enrich DNA fragments containing as few as three methylated CpG pairs (6 total methylation sites).

Can Your Current Enrichment Method Compete?

Is your enriched methylated DNA...EpiXplore protocol Antibody-based protocols
HTS-ready?YES. Enriched methylated DNA is double stranded and ready for use No. Enriched DNA requires further processing
Intact? YES. Uses a gentle (magnetic) separation process No. Harsh separation conditions often lead to sample loss
Easy to elute?YES. Uses a simple buffer-based protocol No. Elution requires multiple complex steps
Separated by methylation density?YES. Methylated DNA can be eluted in low, medium, and high density fractions or as a single fraction No. Elution is "all or none"

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  • A simple magnetic bead-based method for enriching methylated DNA from the whole genome
  • Retain > 95% of methylated DNA
  • Enriched DNA is immediately ready for downstream sequencing
  • Protocol allows for gradient separation of low, medium and highly methylated DNA


  • Mapping methylation sites
  • Methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme-based assays
  • Real time and endpoint PCR assays
  • Bisulfite sequencing
  • Library preparation for high-throughput sequencing
  • Sample prep for DNA microarray analysis

Additional Information

Please see the product's Certificate of Analysis for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the Kit Components List to determine kit components. Certificates of Analysis and Kit Components Lists are located under the Documents tab.

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