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Methylation Specific PCR: EpiScope MSP Kit

The EpiScope MSP Kit features a reagent designed exclusively for DNA methylation analysis via methylation specific PCR (MSP)1. This reagent contains a specific enzyme in an optimized buffer, allowing MSP analyses on bisulfite-treated uracil-containing DNA templates. This kit features high amplification efficiency and methylation specificity compared with standard PCR. The EpiScope MSP Kit is optimized for real-time monitoring using SYBR Green I2, enabling the performance of both real-time and endpoint PCR under the same reaction conditions.

Principle of MSP

Methlylation specific PCR identifies nucleotide regions in which cytosines have been altered to uracils following bisulfite treatment of the DNA template. These alterations are a function of the DNA template's CpG methylation status; methylated cytosines remain unaltered while the unmethylated cytosines are altered to uracils. Two primers are designed to detect these unaltered or altered regions, the methylated CpG DNA (M primer) and the unmethylated CpG DNA (UM primer), respectively. The last step involves methylation specific PCR.

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  • High performance: Superior amplification speed and efficiency.
  • Specific: Differentiate methylated/unmethylated DNA by analyzing a single CpG site.
  • Streamlined: may be used for both real-time (SYBR Green) and endpoint PCR using the same PCR conditions.


  • Methylation specific PCR for DNA methylation analysis


2X MSP Buffer (with Mg2+ and dNTPs)*5 x 1 mL
MSP Enzyme240 µL
100X SYBR Green I 100 µL
ROX Reference Dye (50X conc.)200 µL
ROX Reference Dye II (50X conc.)200 µL

*The Mg2+ concentration (2X) is 4 mM and the dNTP concentration (2X) is 400 µM.


Store at –20°C

Note: The 100X SYBR Green I dye is sensitive to light.


1. Herman, J.G. et al. (1996) Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 93(18):9821-9826.

2. Takara Bio is under a license agreement with Molecular Probes Inc. for the use of SYBR Green I as a reagent for research purposes. SYBR is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes Inc.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price License Units Select
R100A EpiScope® MSP Kit 200 Rxns $463.00 License Statements
R100B EpiScope® MSP Kit 400 Rxns $816.00 License Statements



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