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Acrolein-Lysine Adduct Competitive EIA Kit

The Acrolein-Lysine Adduct Competitive EIA Kit contains all of the reagents needed to quantify the levels of acrolein-protein adducts in test samples. Acrolein is a highly cytotoxic substance produced by burning petroleum, coal, wood, and plastic, as well as a by-product of lipid peroxidation. Acrolein can bind to proteins forming stable adducts. The biological and physiological effects of acrolein are being actively investigated, and this requires highly sensitive, quantitative detection of acrolein-protein adducts.

The Acrolein-Lysine Adduct Competitive EIA Kit is a single-antibody, competitive kit. The anti-acrolein primary antibody is added to both the test sample and to the immobilized acrolein-lysine adduct antigen on the test plate surface. The acrolein-protein adducts in the test sample compete with the immobilized antigen for binding of the primary antibody. After washing, addition of the enzyme-linked secondary antibody, and detection with the Substrate Solution, the amount of bound primary antibody can be detected. The greater the levels of acrolein in the test sample the fewer antibodies will be bound to the test plate, by comparison to a standard curve the amount of acrolein in the test sample can be determined.

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  • Competitive EIA for quantification of acrolein-protein adducts


  • Detection of acrolein adducts in environmental and biological samples
  • Detection of acrolein adducts produced as a by-product of industrial product manufacturing


Antigen coated microtiter plate 1 plate (8 well × 12 strips)
Sample diluent50 ml
Standard (7 different concentrations) N-acetyl-FDP-lysine350 μl × 7
Anti-acrolein monoclonal antibody (lyophilized)For 10 ml
Antibody diluent11 ml
Wash buffer (X20)50 ml
POD-labeled anti mouse IgG conjugate (X100)120 μl
Conjugate diluent12 ml
Substrate solution (TMBZ)12 ml
Stop solution without sulfuric acid12 ml
Plate seal2 pieces



Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
MK150 Acrolein-Lysine Adduct Competitive EIA Kit 96 Well $1,251.00



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