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Detection of Thrombopoietin-Related Proteins

Thrombopoietin (TPO) is a glycoprotein hormone encoded by the THPO gene in humans. It is required for the maturation and proliferation of megakaryocytes in bone marrow as well as for thrombopoiesis. TPO is produced mainly in the liver and kidneys. Due to its role in megakaryocyte differentiation, TPO has been proposed as the major physiological regulator of circulating platelets. Mutations in the THPO gene are linked to development of thrombocythemia, a myeloproliferative disorder characterized by overproduction of platelets.

c-MPL (TPOR) is a receptor for TPO and is a critical regulator of platelet formation and megakaryocytopoiesis. c-MPL/TPOR is a 635-amino acid transmembrane protein with two extracellular cytokine receptor domains and two intracellular cytokine receptor box motifs. Binding of the class I hematopoietic cytokine TPO causes c-MPL/TPOR to dimerize and activate the JAK/STAT pathway, thereby controlling a cell signaling pathway leading to production of platelets. c-MPL/TPOR may also play a role in hematopoietic stem cell maintenance in bone marrow.

Several human diseases are associated with mutations in the genes encoding thrombopoietin and c-MPL/TPOR. Mutations in THPO are known to result in hereditary thrombocythemia 1 (resulting in high blood platelet count) or some forms of leukemia. In mice, deficiency in c-MPL/TPOR results in severe thrombocytopenia, underscoring the role of c-MPL/TPOR in regulating megakaryocytopoiesis and platelet formation.

ELISAs for Thrombopoietin-Related Protein Detection

These c-MPL/TPOR ELISA or TPO ELISA kits enable detection of either mouse c-Myeloproliferative Leukemia protein (c-MPL), also known as Thrombopoietin Receptor (TPOR), mouse Cluster of Differentiation 110 (CD110), or human thrombopoietin (also known as TPO, THPO, or MGDF).

The Mouse c-MPL/TPOR Assay Kit allows sensitive, specific measurements of mouse soluble c-MPL/TPOR in serum or cell culture supernatant samples. The Human TPO Assay Kit* is a human TPO ELISA kit recommended for use with cell culture supernatant samples. Each ELISA kit provides materials needed to perform a solid phase sandwich ELISA using two highly specific antibodies, one precoated on the ELISA multi-well plate as a capture antibody and one HRP-conjugated as a detection antibody. Tetra Methyl Benzidine (TMB) is used as a substrate for detection.

*Cat. #27175A is not available in China, Taiwan, or Korea.

Antibodies for Thrombopoietin-Related Protein Detection

The Anti-Human TPO antibody is an affinity-purified IgG antibody that recognizes human thrombopoietin (TPO) protein. The antibody was raised in rabbit using a synthetic peptide and can be used for Western blot (WB) or immunohistochemical (IHC) detection of human TPO protein.

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Cat. #
(Clone) and Source
Rat IgG MoAb

Detect: HRP
Mouse IgG MoAb
<0.1% cross-reactivity with albumin, transferrin, or immunoglobulin
Rabbitt IgG

Detect: HRP
Rabbit IgG
18501A, BIHC
Rabbit IgG

Additional Information

Please see a product's User Manual and Data Sheet for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the User Manual to determine kit components. User Manuals and Data Sheets are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
10121A Anti-Rat MCP-1 (MB10) Mouse IgG MoAb 10 ug $125.00
10121B Anti-Rat MCP-1 (MB10) Mouse IgG MoAb 100 ug $545.00
18371A Anti-Rat MCP-1 (N) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 10 ug $125.00
18371B Anti-Rat MCP-1 (N) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 100 ug $545.00
17176A Rat MCP-1 Assay Kit - IBL 96-Well $664.00
18501A Anti-Human TPO Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 25 ug $125.00
18501B Anti-Human TPO Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 100 ug $545.00
27174A Mouse c-MPL/TPOR Assay Kit - IBL 96-Well $1,017.00
27175A Human TPO Assay Kit - IBL 96-Well $1,017.00


Recommended Products
Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
10403A Anti-Mouse c-MPL/TPOR (AMM2) Rat IgG MoAb Biotin 5 ug $125.00
18505A Anti-Human c-MPL-P (M617) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 25 ug $125.00

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