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Fibronectin Detection

Fibronectin (FN) is a high molecular weight (440 kDa) extracellular matrix glycoprotein that is widely distributed throughout the cell surface, plasma, and extracellular matrix. FN is involved in many cellular processes, including cell adhesion, growth, migration, and differentiation. Published reports indicate that increased levels of fragmented FN or FN-like protein can be detected in the serum, plasma, or other biological fluids of cancer patients as compared to control subjects.

ELISAs for Fibronectin Detection

The Fibronectin EIA Kit is a 96-well in vitro enzyme immunoassay kit intended for the quantitative determination of soluble human fibronectin (FN) in serum, urine, cell culture supernatant, and other biological fluids. This solid phase ELISA utilizes two mouse monoclonal FN antibodies, one of which is coated onto the plate and the other of which is peroxidase-labeled for detection of FN.

Antibodies for Fibronectin Detection

Human FN antibodies were raised against purified human plasma fibronectin, an extracellular matrix glycoprotein. Each anti-fibronectin monoclonal antibody recognizes a discrete FN protein domain (see Images & Data). Clone FN30-8 (Cat. # M010) is recommended for fibronectin analysis via Western blot or immunohistochemistry. Clones FN30-8 (Cat. # M010) and FN12-8 (Cat. # M002) may both be used in adhesion blockade studies.

Peptides for Fibronectin Detection

Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptides are synthetic peptides used for fibronectin receptor binding experiments. Two versions are available; the first version, Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptide (GRGDSP) (Cat. # SP001), contains the arginine-glycine-aspartic acid (RGD) cell adhesion sequence, enabling it to bind to fibronectin receptors. This peptide can be used as a competitive inhibitor of FN for adhesion-blocking studies. The second version, Fibronectin Receptor Binding Peptide (GRGESP) (Cat. # SP002), contains a glutamic acid (E) in place of the aspartic acid (D). This single amino acid substitution prevents the binding with fibronectin receptors, making this peptide a suitable non-inhibitory control for cell adhesion experiments using FN.

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Cat. #
(Clone) and Source
(cell‑binding domain)

Detect: HRP (n/a)
No cross‑reactivity with vitronectin, laminin, or collagen types I and III

No cross-reactivity with mouse, bovine, rabbit, or porcine fibronectin
Human plasma fibronectinM002Adhesion blockade studiesHuman(FN12-8)
Mouse IgG1 MoAb
Reacts with human and bovine fibronectin. Does not react with porcine, rabbit, or rat fibronectin
Human plasma fibronectinM010IHC
Adhesion blockade studies
Mouse IgG1 MoAb
Reacts with human fibronectin. Does not react with bovine, porcine, rabbit, or rat fibronectin
Fibronectin related peptide (GRGDSP)SP001Fibronectin inhibitor
Adhesion blockade studies
Fibronectin related peptide (GRGESP)SP002Fibronectin inhibitor
Adhesion blockade studies

Additional Information

Please see a product's User Manual and Data Sheet for information about storage conditions, product components, and technical specifications. Please see the User Manual to determine kit components. User Manuals and Data Sheets are located under the Documents tab.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
MK115 Fibronectin EIA Kit 96 Assays $589.00
M002 Monoclonal Anti-Human Fibronectin (Clone FN12-8) 0.4 mg $343.00
M010 Monoclonal Anti-Human Fibronectin (Clone FN30-8) 0.4 mg $343.00



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