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Napsin A Detection

Novel Aspartic Proteinase of the PepSIN Family (Napsin A, or NAPSA) belongs to the peptidase A1 family and plays a role in pneumocyte surfactant processing. It is also known as aspartyl protease 4 (ASP4), KAP, Kdap, napsin-1, NAP1, NAPA, and SNAPA. Two closely related proteins are known, Napsin A and Napsin B. Napsin A is a single-chain, 38-kDa protein. It is expressed at high levels in human lung and kidney, and at lower levels in spleen. Napsin A expression has been detected in type II pneumocytes and in lung adenocarcinomas.

ELISAs for Napsin A Detection

This kit is a solid-phase sandwich ELISAs using two antibodies that are highly specific to human Napsin A protein; one is precoated on the ELISA plate and the other is HRP-conjugated. This kit can be used to measure soluble human Napsin A protein in serum, urine, or cell culture supernatant.

Antibodies for Napsin A Detection

This product is an affinity-purified IgG antibody that recognizes human Napsin A protein. The antibody was raised in mouse using a synthetic peptide and can be used for Western blot (WB) detection or immunohistochemical (IHC) detection of human Napsin A protein, especially in lung adenocarcinomas.

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Cat. #
(Clone) and Source
Napsin A27758AELISAHumanCapture:
Mouse IgG MoAb

Detect: HRP
Mouse IgG MoAb
Napsin A10221A, BIHC
Mouse IgG MoAb

Additional Information

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Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
10221A Anti-Human Napsin A (TMU-Ad02) Mouse IgG MoAb 5 ug $125.00
10221B Anti-Human Napsin A (TMU-Ad02) Mouse IgG MoAb 50 ug $545.00
27758A Human Napsin A Assay Kit-IBL 96-Well $929.00



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