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Human Procalcitonin EIA Kit

The Human Procalcitonin EIA Kit is a kit for quantifying human procalcitonin in serum, plasma, urine, and cell culture supernatant with a sandwich-type EIA (enzyme immunoassay) method that uses two monoclonal antibodies. This kit includes a plate that has been pre-coated with one antibody, to provide high reproducibility and ease-of-use. By using the avidin-biotin system, many samples can be easily measured with high sensitivity in about 3.5 hours.

Procalcitonin is a precursor of calcitonin, a peptide that reduces serum calcium and inhibits bone resorption. Full-length procalcitonin (141 amino acids) is produced by the C cells of the thyroid gland. After cleavage of the 25-amino acid signal peptide, procalcitonin is a 13 kDa molecular weight protein consisting of 116 amino acids. As shown in Figure 1, 32 amino acids (amino acids 85–116) in procalcitonin are processed to produce calcitonin. In addition, the 21 amino acids at the C-terminus of procalcitonin become katacalcin. Katacalcin is produced in the same molar amount as calcitonin and is thought to inhibit calcium release from bone tissue. However, its detailed function and physiological significance are unknown. It is thought that receptors for each domain of procalcitonin exist independently in tissues. In addition to playing a role in maintaining calcium homeostasis, procalcitonin is present at elevated levels at times of acute infection, allowing it to serve as an inflammatory marker like CRP (C-reactive protein) and as a supporting factor in determining the severity of infection.

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  • Assay is performed in a 96-well plate pre-coated with immobilized anti-human procalcitonin antibody
  • Kit also includes a sulfuric acid-free reaction stop solution


  • Quantitative measurement of human procalcitonin in serum, plasma, urine, and cell culture supernatant.
  • Human procalcitonin ELISA


Antibody Coated Microtiter Plate1 plate (96-well: 8-well x 12 strips) 
Wash Buffer Concentrate (X20) 25 ml
Standard human Procalcitonin (lyophilized)935 µl x 2
Assay Diluent A30 ml
Assay Diluent D (X5)15 ml
Assay Diluent B (X5)15 ml
Detection Antibody Procalcitonin (lyophilized)for 0.1 ml x 2
HRP-Streptavidin Concentrate0.2 ml
Substrate Solution (TMBZ)12 ml
Stop Solution without Sulfuric Acid12 ml


Store at -20°C (unopened).
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Once thawed, store at 2–8°C for ~6 months.

Performance Characteristics

  • Range of assay: 0.156–10 ng/ml
  • Assay sensitivity: 0.156 ng/ml
  • Assay duration: Approximately 3.5–4 hours
  • Specificity: Human procalcitonin
  • Species cross-reactivity: Does not cross-react with mouse or rat procalcitonin, human calcitonin, or human katacalcin
  • Test specimen type: Serum, plasma, urine or cell culture supernatant

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MK158 Human Procalcitonin EIA Kit 96-Well $1,011.00



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