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Osteocalcin EIA Kits for Quantitative Measurement of Active Protein

Osteocalcin EIA Kits for Bone and Endocrine Research

Takara's Osteocalcin EIA Kits may be used to study the role that osteocalcin (OC) plays in bone metabolism, insulin synthesis, glucose metabolism, and male fertility. Unlike other assays, our EIA Kits don't just measure total osteocalcin. Rather, our kits enable you to measure either the carboxylated (cOC) or under-carboxylated (ucOC) forms of the protein. This provides you with the power to quantify active protein (cOC for bone metabolism; ucOC for glucose metabolism).

Takara's Osteocalcin EIA Kits provide you with:

  • Sensitivity: measure as little as 0.125-0.5 ng/mL of protein
  • Specificity: highly purified antibodies are specific to the protein of interest
  • Convenience: supplied in a 96 well format (8x12 strips)
  • Scalability: ready to use in a high throughput format

Move Beyond Qualitative Analysis

Our EIA Kits enable you to quantify osteocalcin in biological samples (such as blood and urine), cell culture supernatants and cultured cells. Quantitative results in just 3 hours.

  • Gla-OC EIA Kits for quantitative measurement of cOC
  • Glu-OC EIA Kits for quantitative measurement of ucOC

Simultaneous Measurement of Glu-OC and Gla-OC in Rat Serum

measurement of Glu/Gla-OC in Rat Serum

Both types of osteocalcin (Glu- (inactive) type and Gla- (active) type) were monitored in the blood serum of young or aged rats over several weeks. The values in the table are reduced concentrations multiplied by the dilution ratio. Both Gla and Glu osteocalcin in sera tend to be higher than the aged rats suggesting activation of bone metabolic turnover.

Sandwich ELISA Format

The Osteocalcin EIA Kits use a sandwich-type format, with an osteocalcin-specific antibody as a capture-antibody on a solid-phase plate. An enzyme-labeled antibody specific to either Gla-OC or Glu-OC is used as the detection antibody, allowing detection of either Gla- or Glu-osteocalcin with very high sensitivity.

the Sandwich ELISA Format

Learn More about Each Assay

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