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ApoPrimer Set (Bcl-2 family) for RT-PCR

The Bcl-2 gene family encodes a set of proteins involved in apoptotic inhibition, which are commonly analyzed during the performance of a Bcl-2 apoptosis assay. The ApoPrimer Set (Bcl-2 family) for RT-PCR is composed of a set of primers used to amplify cDNA derived from the mRNA of 7 Bcl-2 family (mcl-1, bfl-1, bax-alpha, bcl-2, bak, bik, bcl-x) members as well as a beta-actin control. A positive control RNA is also included. The beta-actin primer is a useful internal control for sample quantification and for comparison between samples. PCR products generated from the positive control RNA can be distinguished from target mRNA due to size differences of the amplified products.

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  • Detection of human Bcl-2 gene family expression by RT-PCR
  • Bcl-2 apoptosis assay


Human mcl-1 Primer Mix40 µL
Human bfl-1 Primer Mix40 µL
Human bax-alpha Primer Mix40 µL
Human bcl-2 Primer Mix40 µL
Human bak Primer Mix40 µL
Human bik Primer Mix40 µL
Human bcl-x Primer Mix40 µL
Human beta-actin Primer Mix40 µL
APO Positive Control RNA1 (106 copies/µL)24 µL

Note: Human bcl-x Primer Mix amplifies the cDNA from both bcl-xL and bcl-xs.




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