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Glutathione Detection Assay

Glutathione Detection │ Glutathione Assay


  • Use this glutathione assay to monitor the early stages of apoptosis


  • Glutathione assay that monitors early stages of apoptosis by measuring redox change
  • Simple, quantitative in vitro assay
  • Easily adaptable to a 96-well format

The ApoAlert Glutathione Detection Kit is a quantitative in vitro assay for that detects decreased cytosolic glutathione (GSH) levels that occur early in apoptosis in some cell types. In healthy cells, glutathione acts as a redox buffer. However, in Jurkat and some other cell types, the plasma membrane contains an ATP-dependent GSH transport system that is triggered by the initiation of apoptosis. When GSH is actively pumped out of the cell, the cytosol is shifted from a reducing to an oxidizing environment. You can detect the drop in glutathione levels with this kit.

This glutathione assay includes a monochlorobimane (MCB) dye that fluoresces blue when bound to glutathione. It is easy to detect the decrease in glutathione levels in apoptotic cell extracts (compared to nonapoptotic cell extracts), using a fluorometer or 96-well fluorescence plate reader.

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