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Anti-Drebrin A (DAS2) Rabbit IgG Antibody

Drebrin (developmentally regulated brain protein) is one of several proteins encoded by the DBN1 gene in humans. It is a cytoplasmic actin-binding protein that plays a role in neuronal growth and cell migration. The drebrin family of proteins are developmentally regulated in the brain. Downregulation of the DBN1 gene is implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Two major isoforms are known: drebrin A and drebrin E. Drebrin A was found to cluster at neuronal synapses in adult brain, and drebrin A upregulation was shown to play an important role in spine morphogenesis and activity-dependent synaptic targeting of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors. These receptors are involved in the cellular mechanism for learning and memory. A decrease in drebrin A expression is associated with memory loss and decline of cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

This product is an affinity-purified IgG antibody that recognizes human, mouse, and rat drebrin A protein. The antibody was raised in rabbit using a synthetic peptide and can be used for Western blot (WB) detection, immunohistochemical (IHC) detection, or immunoprecipitation (IP) of drebrin A.

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  • Cat.#: 28023A, 28023B
  • Target Name: Drebrin A protein
  • Antigen: Drebrin A synthetic peptide
  • Application: WB, IHC, IP
  • Specificity: Reacts with human, mouse, and rat drebrin A; does not cross-react with other drebrin isoforms
  • Target Entrez Gene ID: 1627


Recommended antibody concentration (the optimal concentration should be determined empirically):

  • Western blot: 0.325–1.3 µg/mL
  • Immunohistochemical techniques: 0.325–0.65 µg/mL
  • Immunoprecipitation: 0.325–0.65 µg/mL


Lyophilized: stable 5 years at 2–8°C. In solution: stable 2 years at –20°C.


Lyophilized from an antibody solution containing 1% BSA in PBS and 0.05% NaN3. To use, reconstitute in 1.0 mL H2O (final concentration, 50 µg/mL).

Alternative names


Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
10151A Anti-Human Presenilin-1 (17C2) Mouse IgG MoAb 200 ug $545.00
28023A Anti-Drebrin A (DAS2) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 5 ug $125.00
28023B Anti-Drebrin A (DAS2) Rabbit IgG Affinity Purify 50 ug $545.00



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