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Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research Products

Move your research from cells to discovery

At every step, our extensive selection of tools for the isolation, culture, engineering, differentiation, and analysis of stem cells will allow you to push your experiments forward and address your questions.

Stem Cell Generation

Cell reprogramming is often the first step for both basic and translational researchers using iPS cells. We offer reagents for both viral- and transfection-based delivery of reprogramming factors.

Xfect Transfection Reagent can be used to efficiently deliver reprogramming factor-encoding plasmids to adult cells. Xfect reagent is a biodegradable transfection polymer that has been used to transfect a broad range of cell types with high efficiency and very low cytotoxicity.

Our high-titer, high-purity, ready-to-use lentiviral particles deliver reprogramming factors. Both constitutive and inducible expression systems are available.

Stem Cell Culture

Stem cell culture is accompanied by extra challenges, and it is critical to maintain genetic stability, ensure stemness, and prevent spontaneous differentiation. Cellartis media and supplements are optimized for derivation, maintenance, and expansion of pluripotent cells.

The Cellartis DEF-CS system is a complete culture system for robust expansion of human iPS cells in a feeder-free and defined environment. A xeno-free version is also available.

iMatrix-511 is a xeno-free recombinant laminin fragment for ES or iPS cell culture substrate; iMatrix-511 provides greater adhesive properties than full-length laminin, vitronectin, or reagents containing an undefined mixture of basement membrane.

Stem Cell Modification

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing can be used to modify pluripotent stem cells, providing an opportunity to create customized disease models. We offer a complete suite of tools for genome editing.

Stem Cell Differentiation

Stem cells offer the opportunity to obtain homogeneous populations of terminally differentiated cell types that may be difficult to isolate in their native form. Start with our highly pure human pluripotent cell lines, or let us do the work and use our high-quality human iPS cell-derived cells for your toxicity or discovery studies.

  • Cellartis Enhanced hiPS-HEP cells are a highly homogeneous population of iPS cell-derived hepatocytes that express functional enzymes and are ideal for use in drug metabolism studies, toxicity testing, and other applications that require large amounts of functional human hepatocytes.
  • Cellartis Cardiomyocytes are a highly homogeneous population of cardiomyocytes derived from human iPS cells. These cells have an electrophysiological profile resembling that of adult human primary cardiomyocytes and are ideal for cardiotoxicity testing.

Directing stem cell differentiation requires optimized culture methods and reagents in order to ensure a reproducible and reliable outcome.

  • NDiff 227 is a defined, serum-free medium supplemented with N2 and B-27 for neural differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells.
  • RHB-A is a defined, serum-free medium that can be used to differentiate mouse and human neural stem cells into functional neurons, and to differentiate mouse ES cells into neuronal precursors.

Stem Cell Characterization

Your experiments may require sensitive methods to identify and characterize differentiated cells. We offer a variety of antibodies for characterizing pluripotency, monitoring differentiation, identifying and sorting differentiated cells, and tracking transplanted human stem cells.

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