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Viral Transduction

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Lenti-X GoStix Plus FAQs

Lenti‑X GoStix Plus are designed to quickly and accurately quantify the amount of lentivirus in your viral prep, using only 20 µl of packaging cell supernatant. Ten minutes after applying your sample, a test band will appear in the window of the GoStix cassette at an intensity that correlates with the amount of lentivirus applied. The cassette is then scanned using a smartphone camera or equivalent mobile device running the Lenti‑X GoStix App, which will then calculate a titer (i.e., GoStix Value; GV) based on the intensity of the test band relative to a control band.

Applying lentiviral supernatants to Lenti-X GoStix Plus cassettes

Using the Lenti-X GoStix App to analyze the test results

What are the benefits of using Lenti‑X GoStix Plus to measure lentiviral titer?

What is p24?

What is a GoStix Value (GV) titer?

How accurately do GV titers correlate to infectious units (IFU)?

Where do I download the app?

Which devices are supported by the Lenti‑X GoStix App?

How do I correlate GV to IFU/ml or ng p24?

What factors can impact a GoStix titer?

How can harvest time affect the GoStix Value?

What happens if I do not wait 10 minutes for the signal to develop?

Can Lenti‑X GoStix Plus be used even in the absence of a smartphone?

Why do I not need to create a standard curve for Lenti‑X GoStix Plus?

Why do I have to enter the lot number of my kit into the app and where is the lot number found?

Does my mobile device need to be connected to the internet?

How do I know if my titer is outside the range of the GoStix?

Is any data saved in the app?

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