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Stem Cell Research

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Cellartis Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Services

Stem cell expertise to assist any stage of research

With Cellartis services, you can focus on your areas of expertise and leave the challenges to us. Since our scientists have over 15 years of experience with human pluripotent stem cell culture and differentiation, you can be confident that we will deliver custom services to expand and enhance the stem cell capabilities and success of your research team. Expect a close, worry-free collaboration with straightforward and prompt communication about timelines and deliverables.

Directed Differentiation

Make definitive endoderm, hepatocytes, and beta cells from your own patient- or disease-specific iPS or ES cell lines

Our 15 years of experience with endodermal lineage differentiation means you can count on us to deliver high-quality, functional cells.

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cell line derivation

Clinical-Grade hES Cell Line Derivation

Generate clinical-grade human ES cell lines per your specifications

Materials are sourced according to FDA guidelines and the ES cell lines are generated under xeno-free, GMP-grade conditions.

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Obtain patient- or disease-specific PBMCs for later reprogramming into iPSCs

You specify detailed donor requirements, such as gender, age, ethnic background, health status, genotype, blood type, and HLA type.

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Get high-quality, highly pure iPS cells from patient- or disease-specific fibroblasts or PBMCs

Footprint-free reprogramming of your samples or sourced samples using Sendai virus technology.

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Generate a Master Cell Bank from your iPS or ES cells

Highly pluripotent cells are efficiently expanded in the monolayer-based, feeder-free Cellartis DEF-CS 500 Culture System and cryopreserved.

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