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Tech Note: A SMARTer Approach to T-Cell Receptor Profiling

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NucleoZOL is a highly efficient RNA isolation reagent for extracting high-quality total RNA and small RNA from any starting material. Isolate RNA using a simple, one-phase extraction with NucleoZOL instead of an inconvenient two-phase chloroform extraction with a competitor ZOL, and minimize the risk of sample loss and phenol carryover.

NucleoZOL product image
  • ✓ One-phase separation eliminates the need for chloroform
  • ✓ High-yields of high-purity RNA from any starting material
  • ✓ miRNA and total RNA in separate fractions or a single fraction

NucleoZOL Simplifies RNA Isolation with a One-Phase Extraction

Nucleozol vs. Competitor Zol

Advantages of NucleoZOL Compared to a Competitor ZOL

Application Data

Isolate high-quality RNA from fibrous tissue using NucleoZOL. Total RNA was isolated with NucleoZOL from 60 mg mouse heart tissue. RNA was analyzed on an Agilent Bioanalyzer. An RIN of 9 indicates high RNA quality. Get similar or better RNA yields with NucleoZOL than a leading competitor ZOL. RNA extracted from different starting materials was quantified by qRT-PCR and relative yields were calculated (NucleoZOL=100 %). RNA isolation with NucleoZOL resulted in similar or better RNA yields compared to standard two-phase extraction methods using a competitor ZOL.
Minimize DNA contamination and eliminate phenol carryover by using NucleoZOL instead of a leading competitor ZOL. Total RNA was isolated from 60 mg rat lung tissue using NucleoZOL and a competitor ZOL that requires a standard two-phase extraction. Panel A. DNA contamination was quantified by qPCR (competitor ZOL=100%). A minimal amount of DNA was carried over during purification with NucleoZOL, compared to the competitor ZOL. Panel B. The A260/A230 absorption ratio of total RNA isolated using NucleoZOL indicated excellent purity. The lower A260/A230 ratio of total RNA isolated using the competitor's ZOL indicated a phenol carry-over.

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