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Genomic DNA Kits

High-yield, high-quality genomic DNA purification you can count on

Get the purity that'll make your PCR work the first time

Genomic DNA from cells and tissue

NucleoSpin Tissue

  • Isolate gDNA from a wide range of starting material (cells, tissue, blood, etc.)
  • Highly sensitive membrane allows purification of even trace amounts of DNA
  • 16 available support protocols provide the highest flexibility
white lab mouse

Genomic DNA from blood

NucleoSpin Blood

  • Isolate gDNA from whole blood (human, animal, fresh or frozen), serum, plasma, buffy coats, platelets, and body fluids (e.g., amniotic fluid)
  • Complete removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Suitable for whole blood treated with citrate, EDTA, heparin, CPDA
blood vials

Genomic DNA from plants

NucleoSpin Plant II

  • Two alternative lysis buffers are included for optimal processing of a variety of sample types
  • Designed with plants in mind
  • NucleoSpin Filters included for clarification of lysate
tomato plant

Genomic DNA from soil

NucleoSpin Soil

  • Isolate gDNA from gram-positive bacteria, archaea, fungi, and algae present in soil, sludge, or sediment
  • Two alternative lysis buffers and a special additive are included for optimal processing of a variety of sample types
  • Purified gDNA is free of PCR inhibitors and ready to use without dilution

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