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cDNA Synthesis & Library Construction

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SMARTer Apollo system citations

Our collaborators and customers are constantly making scientific breakthroughs. Here are the latest published results obtained using the SMARTer Apollo library prep system.

  1. Crocker et al. Cell-Type-Specific Transcriptome Analysis in the Drosophila Mushroom Body Reveals Memory-Related Changes in Gene Expression. Cell Reps 5, 1580–1596 (2016).
  2. Denk et al. Persistent Alterations in Microglial Enhancers in a Model of Chronic Pain. Cell Reps 15, 1771–1781 (2016).
  3. Ellisona et al. Complete Genome Sequences of Zika Virus Strains Isolated from the Blood of Patients in Thailand in 2014 and the Philippines in 2012. Genome Announc 4, e00359-16 (2016).
  4. Muñoz-Gutiérrez et al. Transcriptomic Determinants of Scrapie Prion Propagation in Cultured Ovine Microglia. PLOS One 11, e0147727 (2016).
  5. Sanders et al. Mutation Yield of a 34-Gene Solid Tumor Panel in Community-Based Tumor Samples. Mol Diagn Ther 20, 241–53 (2016).
  6. Sherman et al. Viral dynamic modelling of Hepatitis C and resistance-associated variants in haemophiliacs. Haemophilia 22, 543–548 (2016).
  7. Wertz et al. Cell type-specific miR-431 dysregulation in a motor neuron model of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Hum Mol Genet 25, 2168–2181 (2016).
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