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Viral Transduction

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Lentiviral Particles from Vectalys FAQs


Lentiviral Particles from Vectalys

General questions

How are these viral particles different from other viral vectors?

How are the recombinant lentiviral particles supplied?

What are the titers of the viral particles?

How is the titer (TU/ml) of the viral particles determined?

How much of the viral particles should be added to my cells?

What MOI should be used?

What are the safety concerns for use of lentiviral and retroviral vectors?

How should the viral particles be stored?

How should viral particles be thawed?

Can the viral particles be thawed and refrozen?

Can the viral particles be used more than once?

Can the viral particles be used in vivo?

Questions about fluorescent subcellular marker particles

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Where can I learn more about the fluorescent proteins used in the subcellular localization lentiviruses and marker lentiviruses?

How do the subcellular localization vectors work?

What are the fluorescent protein marker particles?

Available Ready-to-use Lentiviral Particles

Product Name Use
Lentiviral Particles Expressing Fluorescent Proteins Express fluorescent proteins in the cytoplasm for cell tracing and cell tracking experiments

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Express fluorescent proteins in specific subcellular locations

Learn more

Tet-On 3G Lentiviral Particles Tet-inducible gene expression studies

Learn more

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