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Transfection & Cell Culture

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How to Use Xfect Single Shots

Xfect Single Shots are pre-aliquoted in individual tubes. Just add your DNA sample to perform transfections quickly and easily.

Try Xfect Single Shots Transfection reagent with the FREE pZsGreen1-N1 vector and your specific cells. Send us your best data with this vector to be featured on our website and win FREE Xfect Single Shots!

Xfect Single Shots Midi

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    • Dilute your plasmid DNA
    • Dilute 10 µl of the pZsGreen1-N1 vector that you receive with 90 µl of water.

      Note: 10 µl contains 5 µg of plasmid.

    • Add plasmid to Xfect Single Shots tube
    • Add the 100 µl of the diluted pZsGreen1-N1 vector to one of the Xfect Single Shots.
    • Vortex the tube for 10 sec
    • Vortex at high speed for 10 sec to mix.
    • Incubate the tube for 10 min
    • Incubate for 10 min at room temperature to allow DNA and Xfect nanoparticle complexes to form.
    • Add plasmid to cells with medium
    • Add the entire 100 µl into a single well of a 6-well plate containing your target cells and 1 ml of complete growth medium.
    • Image your cells
    • 24 hr later, image your transfected cells and send the best one to literature@clontech.com

      Preferred image dimensions: 300 dpi TIF, EPS or JPEG at 2 megabytes or less.

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